Our Staff

 Student Leader Staff

Kiva (She/Her/Hers)

Visual Design Coordinator

“I work at the Women’s Center because it combines two things I love: social justice and design. Getting to work in such a wonderful, inclusive environment makes my job so much fun, and so rewarding!”

Olivia (She/ Her/ Hers)

LGBTQIA+ Coordinator

“I’m honored to work at the WC, where those who are told they cannot speak until they spoken to have the freedom to be themselves.”


Neeka (She/ Her/ Hers)

Racial Justice Coordinator

“I work at the Women’s Center because I am passionate about helping and empowering marginalized individuals.” 

Itzel (She/ Her/ Hers)

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator

“I love the Women’s Center because I believe in equality for all, despite religious preferences, gender, sexuality, and race. We are all humans who deserve to love and be loved.” 

Edith (She/ Her/ Hers)

Office Assistant

“I work at the WC because it’s fun working at a place where people have a common interest in activism.”

Isabel (They/Them/Theirs)

Volunteer Coordinator


I work at the Women’s Center because I believe that intersectional feminism and radical self-care is part of the path for more equitable systemic change.” 


Fatima (She/Her/Hers)

Director, ASUO Women’s Center



“I work at the WC because I believe that creating safe, equitable and affirming spaces where all people are empowered to be as happy, healthy and successful as possible is a revolutionary act.”


Abigail (She/Her/Hers)

Director, Experiential Education and Prevention Initiatives



“I work with the WC because it is one of the most dynamic, inspiring and educational spaces on campus.”