Group Meetings

International Women’s Support Group

Supportive space for International Women who may be struggling with issues of homesickness, depression, anxiety or the traumatic effects of having their race or ethnicity fetishized as they navigate their daily lives in the United States.

Held beginning Winter Term. Dates and location TBD. Please email for more information.

PANSY: A Queer Happening

PANSY is a space for Queer Qrafting, Community Building, Destressing, Snacking, and Socializing.

PANSY encourages undergraduate and graduate students to attend!

So, who is PANSY for?
All Self-Identified…
– queer womxn
– lesbians
– hasbians
– gay boys
– gender benders
– femme queens
– butch queens
– transwomxn
– bois
– queerdos
– fag hags
– baby dykes
– bi-curious babes
– pansexuals
– questioning (gender or sexuality) students
– all varieties of radiance that exist within, along, and outside gender and sexual identities

PANSY does not draw rigid gender or sexuality boundaries around who can and cannot attend. The goal here is to be creative, be supportive, and empower all of our emerging pansy selves.

Held beginning Fall Term. Dates and location TBD. Please email for more information.

Students for Choice

Students for Choice is the pro-choice activist club at the University of Oregon. Founded in the 1970’s, S4C works to promote reproductive and gender-equitable healthcare rights on the UO campus, throughout Lane County, and across the globe. We also partner frequently with Planned Parenthood, which helps to extend our outreach and influence. Open to everyone, and always accepting new members!

Meetings held every Tuesday at 7pm in the Women’s Center. TBD. Please email for more information.