Events Coordinator

ASUO Women’s Center – Events Coordinator

Student Leadership Overview – 2016-2017


The ASUO Women’s Center seeks to provide leadership skills through experiential learning opportunities and empowerment. Our center focuses on bridging classroom learning and student activism. The WC provides education, advocacy and support via resources, referral, event coordination, support groups, lactation space, quarterly magazine, community outreach, cultural events co-sponsored with various organizations/departments, etc. in order to promote a safe, equitable and affirming campus climate for people of all genders. Student Coordinators comprise the heart of the center’s services and programming efforts.


The Mission:

The mission of the ASUO Women’s Center is to advocate for the best educational and working environment for women and people of all genders at the University of Oregon. We accomplish this by working toward societal change, the ending of oppression and by supporting personal growth.


Yearly WC Events:

  • Women of Color Retreat/Ally Skills Symposium
  • Lylle B. Parker Women of Color Speaker Series
  • International Women’s Day
  • Take Back the Night
  • OUT/LOUD Queer and Trans Women’s Music Festival
  • Fall and Winter Staff Training
  • Developing/defending WC budget for upcoming year


Events Coordinator Experiential Learning Opportunities:

  • Increasing skills for coordinating logistics, working with committees and professional communication
  • Developing collaborative relationships with UO Scheduling and other logistical centers to reserve outreach space (including ground stakes, EMU tabling, banner space, display cases, etc.) and services (ASL interpreters, equipment rentals, etc.)
  • Developing collaborative relationships with University Catering to provide food for events (or submitting catering waivers, attaining insurance and health certifications from outside vendors)
  • Developing a rich event coordination portfolio from a wide variety of events ranging from workshops, speaker presentations, conferences, rallies, marches and music festivals
  • Acting as an Authorized Signer for purchase orders, budget requests and Supervisor for Student Leadership Stipends
  • Contributing written content or artwork to The Siren Magazine


Responsibilities of ASUO Stipend Recipient

Each student leadership stipend recipient has a number of responsibilities associated with your leadership and educational development. These responsibilities are tied to the mission, goals, and bylaws of your student organization. As a stipend recipient, you will generally be expected to:

  • Fulfill position responsibilities and participate in organizational meetings, events, and activities in the manner outlined in your organization’s bylaws.
  • Represent your organization in a positive manner, as it seeks to uphold its stated mission and fulfill its goals.
  • Strive to understand and uphold the policies and procedures required of all ASUO-recognized organizations including Incidental fee expenditures.
  • Contribute to a culture of respect through positive communication and interaction with your Student Organization Director, within your organization, across campus, and in the broader community. Collaborate internally and externally in order to pursue organizational and positional goals/responsibilities.
  • Embrace organizational endeavors as opportunities for learning and growth and encourage member growth through participation. Support organization-wide efforts, including recruitment, retention, and the revision of mission/goals/bylaws.
  • Correspond in viewpoint neutral manner and apply viewpoint neutrality to any financial decisions made as a function of your role.
  • Inform Student Organization Director if you are unable to meet the responsibilities of your role or wish to resign.


What is a stipend?

As described by federal wage and labor laws, a stipend is a leadership-focused organizational role with clearly identified learning objectives.


What is the difference between a stipend role and an hourly wage position?

Stipend roles are leadership focused and contain clear links to learning objectives. Stipends are NOT reflective of the amount of time spent conducting tasks for your organization.


Selection Method:

Selection is based on events coordination experience and familiarity with women’s and gender issues. This Student Leader is advised by the Administrative Program Assistant of the Women’s Center.

An equal-opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act


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