Stephanie Wood, Ph.D.

Director and Senior Research Associate

In addition to coordinating most of the daily activities of WHP, Stephanie, a historian, is the lead scholar on all of WHP’s Mesoamerica projects. Stephanie collaborated with John Sullivan and the native-speaker team in Zacatecas on the three-year NEH-NSF funded project to build an online Nahuatl Dictionary, which she and her employees have continued to expand. She has also directed several NEH-funded Summer Institutes for US schoolteachers: one in Eugene (2008), four held in Oaxaca (2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015), and one along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, with a focus on tribal nations in Montana and North Dakota (2019).

Curriculum vitae of Stephanie Wood.

Computing Specialists

  • David Elliot (Center on Teaching & Learning, University of Oregon)
  • Martha Virginia (“Ginny”) White (at Oregon State University)

Community Employee

  • Len Hatfield

Work-Study and Other Student Assistants

(we may have openings; write Stephanie Wood, swood [at], if you are interested in joining our team)

  • Shuo Xu
  • Xitlali Torres
  • Juan Carlos González
  • Daniel Castro

Interns (volunteers)

(we may have openings; write Stephanie Wood, swood [at], if you are interested in joining our team)

Former Director

  • Judith L. Musick, Ph.D., Founding Director  — Now retired, Judith, a sociologist and research administrator, was the founding director and the lead developer of WHP’s Distance Research Environment, among other innovations. It was her vision to bring digital humanities to the University of Oregon long before it was well known in the United States.

Former Research Associates

  • Jan Emerson
  • Daniel Gilfillan
  • John Shin

Former Graduate Research Assistants (GTFs)

  • Yasmin Acosta-Myers
  • Marnie Atkins
  • Helen Burnham
  • Bruce Dahlstrom
  • Chris Doty
  • Nicolás Enriori García
  • Douglas Geerdes
  • Daniel Gilfillan
  • Will Henderson
  • John Henry
  • R. Jamil Jonna
  • Aaron Kahn
  • Eric Lawson
  • Brittney Maruska
  • Shannon Mudge
  • Kevin Van Driesche

Former Student Assistants

  • Marshelle Backes, Nahuatl Dictionary
  • Jennifer Barrett, many projects
  • Nickolas Berzl, Mapas Project, Age of Exploration, image processing
  • Svetlana Bobkova, Digital Cahuleu
  • Peter Bryner, Mapas Project and other projects
  • Anny Chen, many projects, but especially imaging for the Mapas Project
  • Xiaoying Chen, East Asian projects
  • Ryan Clark, graphic design, web construction, many projects
  • Robert Costa, data entry
  • Daniela Franco, many projects
  • Alejandra García, translation work, data entry
  • Luke Glasscock, graphic design
  • Daisy González, Nahuatl Dictionary
  • Nathan Greenhaw, many projects
  • Rachel Grudzien, Nahuatl Dictionary
  • Ellen Heenan, Mapas Project and others
  • Chris Fulkerson, Flash animation
  • Shawna X. Huang, video editing
  • Sandy Innes, many projects
  • Mike Itanuano, many projects
  • Roseann Jacoby, many projects
  • Jon Jaramillo, video projects
  • Ian Korn, many projects
  • Amanda Kulmac, image processing, video projects, and graphic design
  • Ross Jensen, video editing
  • Ivan Lafollette, video editing
  • Melynda Lappin, many projects
  • Aaron Lopez, many projects
  • Aaron Mattern, many projects
  • Jennifer Mueller, Mixtec Dictionary
  • Ana Orozco, many projects
  • Carrie Phillips, Mapas Project, imaging
  • Brandon Preo, many projects
  • Shawn Prime, Flash animation
  • Aidan Ramsay, Zapotec Dictionary
  • Kendra Ribeiro, Mapas Project, Nahuatl Dictionary, and many other projects
  • Joy Elizabeth Root, Nahuatl Dictionary
  • Katy Roy-Johnson, many projects
  • David Ruiz-Maya, Nahuatl and Zapotec Dictionary projects
  • Diana Salazar, many projects
  • Paulina Salgado, Mapas Project, translation work
  • Aaron Seagraves, many projects, including the textile exhibit
  • Ryan Sherrard, Nahuatl and Zapotec Dictionaries
  • Colin Takeo, Zapotec Dictionary and many additional projects
  • Ariel Vaughn, many projects, but especially the Virtual Mesoamerican Archive
  • Matthew Vu, many projects
  • Devan Wardwell, many projects
  • Daniel Woolard, many projects

Former Interns (Volunteers)

  • Erin Gallo, collaborating on the Nahuatl Dictionary, 2011
  • Shey May, collaborating on the Nahuatl Dictionary, 2011
  • Joshua Jacob Fitzgerald, collaborating on the Nahuatl Dictionary, 2011
  • René Iraheta, collaborating on the Nahuatl Dictionary, 2011
  • Mylece Burling, collaborating on the Mayan Dictionary, 2010
  • Cassie Russell, collaborating on the Mayan Dictionary, 2010
  • Andrew Gunsul, collaborating on curricular materials for the summer institute, 2010
  • Mike Arellano, collaborating on the Mixtec Dictionary and the Nahuatl Dictionary, 2009–10
  • Itziri Moreno Villamar, collaborating on the P’urhépecha Dictionary, 2009–10
  • Kaitlan Smith, collaborating on the Mayan Dictionary, 2009–10
  • Vania Loredo, collaborating on the Mapas Project, 2010
  • Katy Schuff, collaborating on the Mixtec Dictionary and the Nahuatl Dictionary, also the Mapas Project, 2008–09
  • Sophie Grow, collaborating on the VMA (finding new materials to add, doing updates, fixing broken links, etc.), 2008–09
  • Alyssa Engelberg, Virtual Mesoamerican Archive intern, 2007
  • Adriana Teresa Da Silva Arellano, Archivo Virtual Mesoamericano, 2006–2007
  • Cristina Cruz, Mapas Project, 2006–2007
  • Brett Close, Nahuatl Dictionary project, 2004