Robert T. Craig
Professor Emeritus of Communication
Culture, Language, and Social Practice Program
College of Media, Communication and Information
University of Colorado Boulder

“Communicating a Pluralistic Universe”
THURSDAY, APRIL 19 • 5:30p

Robert T. Craig’s teaching and research interests are in the fields of communication theory and philosophy, discourse analysis, and argumentation. A major emphasis of his work has been to develop metatheoretical and methodological foundations for communication as a discipline that cultivates the practice of communication in society, including metadiscourse and metacommunication. He is co-editor of multiple volumes, including The International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy (with Klaus Bruhn Jensen, 4 volumes, Wiley, 2016); The Handbook of Communication History (with Peter Simonson, Janice Peck, and John P. Jackson, Routledge, 2013); Theorizing Communication: Readings Across Traditions (with Heidi. L. Muller, Sage, 2007); and Conversational Coherence: Form, Structure, and Strategy (with Karen Tracy, Sage, 1983).

Craig was founding editor of the International Communication Association (ICA) journal, Communication Theory, where he has published many seminal articles, including “Communication Theory as a Field” (1999), “Pragmatism in the Field of Communication Theory” (2007), and “The Constitutive Metamodel: A 16‐Year Review” (2015). He also is author of other articles, including “Communication Theory and Social Change”(Communication & Social Change, 2013) and “Pragmatist Realism in Communication Theory” (Empedocles, 2016), and book chapters, including “Definitions and Concepts of Communication” (Oxford Univ. Press, 2017) and “ConstructingTheories in Communication Research” (De Gruyter Mouton, 2013). Craig is a fellow and past president (2003-2004) of the ICA, and a Distinguished Scholar of the National Communication Association (NCA). His professional activities have included numerous editorial boards of journals and book series, and service to universities and professional organizations. Craig currently serves as Series Editor for the ICA Handbook Series, and his most recent research focuses on materiality, cross-cultural and multicultural dialogue, and pluralism.