#patterns2019 features art-science works—patterns/systems—across architecture, astronomy, biology, chemistry, communication, materials science, media, physics and nanomicroscopy. It draws on prints, sculptures, and time-based, multi-sensory installation art, as well as juxtapositions of material and representational works.


APRIL 11—MAY 9, 2019


Free and Open to the Public


Victoria Vesna
Design|Media Arts & NanoSystems Institute, UCLA
Ramesh Jasti and Terri Lovell
Chemistry/Biochemistry, Univ. of Oregon
Thomas Hudson and Dave Laubenthal
Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI)
Laurina Manning and Chris Doe
Biology/Neuroscience, Univ. of Oregon
Nancy Yen-wen Cheng
Architecture, Univ. of Oregon
Kenji Williams
NASA|Univ. of Colorado Boulder
William Cresko
Biology, Univ. of Oregon
Xtine Burrough and Letícia Ferreira
Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication, Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Bruce A. Bowerman
Molecular Biology, Univ. of Oregon
Reese Bowes and Amber Case
Intel/PNCA & Institute for the Future
Mark Blaine and Ian Winbrock
Media Center for Science and Technology/Journalism, Univ. of Oregon
John Donovan • Dean Livelybrooks
CAMCOR • Physics, Univ. of Oregon

Jeremy Swartz
Dean Walton

THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019 • 7:00p
featuring Beautiful Earth immersive with mixed reality smartglasses
White Stag Block • 70 NW Couch, Portland, OR 97209

May 2019 • Exhibitions, Lectures, Workshops and Grants (Victoria Vesna: Current)

Janet Wasko (UO Knight Chair in Communication Research), Bowerman Lab, Cresko Lab, Doe Lab, Jasti Laboratory, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Design (COD), School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC), Doug Blandy (UO Center for Community Arts & Cultural Policy/Folklore and Public Culture), Dean Walton (UO Libraries), Jonathan Bagby (UO Art Department/Exhibitions Coordinator), Kurt Neugebauer and Jill Hartz (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art), and Colin Koopman (UO New Media & Culture); UO Portland: Jane Gordon (Vice Provost for Portland), Michael Brown (Portland Library & Learning Commons), Cris Moss (Arts & Culture Coordinator), Tess Phillips (Events Manager), Doug Burzell (Information Technology Specialist), John Woelfle (Facility Services Manager), Brook Muller (Director, Architecture Program), and Colton Groves and Cam Salazar (UO Ecological Design Center Portland/HOPES25); Design Week Portland; NASA | Beautiful Earth; Art|Sci Center @ UCLA; Dave Laubenthal (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry); Xtine Burrough (SP&CE Media Lab/LabSynthE, University of Texas at Dallas), Ken Dekorte (Portland), Artifex NW, Sterling Graphics, and Wade Larsen (multimethod).

Pattern recognition in the midst of a huge overwhelming destructive force is the way out of the maelstrom. The huge vortices of energy created by our [media/technology]  present us with similar possibilities of evasion of consequences of destruction. By studying the patterns of the effects of this huge vortex of energy in which we are involved, it may be possible to program a strategy of evasion and survival.” —Marshall McLuhan, 1979. (40 years ago).