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WELCOME                                                   Room 142/144
Tim Gleason, Dean, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon
Jack Hart, Interim Director, Turnbull Center, University of Oregon, Portland
Congressman Greg Walden, U.S. Representative, 2nd District, Oregon

Radio’s Past
Moderator: Janet Wasko, University of Oregon (USA)

“’Live on Air’: The Ontology of Voice”
Paddy Scannell, University of Michigan (USA)

Panel #1:                                     Pape Forum (Level 3R)
Radio in India: The Meteoric Medium
Moderator: Harsha Gangadharbatla, University of Oregon (USA)

“From Good to Goods: Broadcasting Policy in Modern India”
Biswarup Sen, University of Oregon (USA)

“Community and Transnational Media Trajectories: Radio in India and South Asia”
Priya Kapoor, Portland State University (USA)

“What is the Significance of Radio in a Global Context? A Study of Restrictions on News in the Indian Radio”
Sachin A. Tantry, Jain University (India) and Vasundara Priya Mahadev, Bangalore University (India)

Panel #2:                                                   Room 142/144
Economic & Regulatory Issues: Don’t Tell Me What to Do — I Just Want to Make Money
Moderator: Jacob Dittmer, University of Oregon (USA)

“The Impact of Ownership Consolidation on Portland Radio News/Public Affairs”
Rebecca Webb, Journalist & Broadcaster (USA)

“The 1996 Telecommunications Act, § 202(h) and Media Ownership Rulemaking: 1996-2010”
Christopher Terry, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (USA)

“Ducks on the Radio: A Political Economic Analysis of the Oregon Sports Network”
Geoff Ostrove, University of Oregon (USA)

“Advertising Aesthetics: Historicizing Radio Branding as an Economic Model for Emerging Audience Markets”
Aidan Moir, York University (Canada)

(See suggestions included in conference material.)
Panel #3:
Live and Local: Talking with the Community                              Room 142/144
Moderator: Al Stavitsky, University of Nevada, Reno (USA)

“The Renewal of Radio’s Promise: ‘From Shore to Shore’ – One Town’s Struggle to Save its Voice in Atlantic Canada”
Peter Downie, Concordia University (Canada)

“Dollars or Democracy? How Deregulation has Re-Tuned Radio’s Community Role”
William “Kelly” Kaufhold & Adeniyi Bello, Texas Tech University (USA)

“Public Radio as Powerful Community-based Media”
Sonia De La Cruz, University of Oregon (USA)

“Land-based ‘Pirate’ Radio & Broadcast Enforcement” Policies
Lawrie Hallett, University of Westminster (UK)

Panel #4:             Pape Forum (Level 3R)
Making Waves Behind Bars
Moderator/Participant: Steven Shankman, University of Oregon (USA)

Special Guest: Phil Maguire, Prison Radio Association (UK)
(Supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association)

“Introducing the Concertina Radio Wire”
Lauren Zavrel, Director & Founder, and Carrie Zumbrum, Producer & Host

Panel #5:    Room 142/144
Past is Prologue: Radio’s Future Finds Lessons in its Past
Moderator: Peter B. Collins, Independent Broadcaster (USA)

“[#DJtexting] Rise of the Radiotext Jockey”
Matthew Lasar, University of California, Santa Cruz (USA)

“Transmitting the Culture of a Community: Radio Station KOAC and Rural Development in Oregon, 1923-1958”
Thea S. Chroman, University of Oregon (USA)

“OTR as New Media? Digital Logics and Cultural Contradictions of Old-Time Radio”
Shawn VanCour, University of South Carolina (USA)

Panel #6:     Pape Forum (Level 3R)
Radio for Education: This Won’t Hurt a Bit
Moderator: Ed Madison, University of Oregon (USA)

“Radio for Education”
John Vergheese, English and Foreign Languages University (India)

“How Do a 21st century Radio/Web News Operation and a 21st Century Journalism School Collaborate?”
Dan Grech, WLRN/Miami Herald News (USA) and Raul Reis, Florida International University (USA)

“Radio Pedagogy in a Post-Radio Era”
Jeff Jacoby, San Francisco State University (USA)
Panel #7:     Room 142/144
College Radio: Who Says the Medium Skews Old?
Moderator: Charlotte Nisser Legg, General Manager, KWVA; University of Oregon (USA)

“Campus/Community Radio in Canada: Linking Listener to Broadcaster with Web 2.0 Technologies”
Barry Rooke, University of Guelph (Canada)

“The Future of Canadian Campus Radio”
Brian Fauteux, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)

“College/Community Radio in the US: Losing an Important Cultural Resource?”
Dorothy Kidd, University of San Francisco (USA)

“Future Sounds: Cultivating Technology/Tastes at a College Radio Station”
Sachi Kobayashi, KXSC Los Angeles Radio (USA)

Panel #8:          Pape Forum (Level 3R)
Radio/Music: Where’s Payola When You Need It?
Moderator: Bryce Peake, University of Oregon (USA)

“Rap and the Racist Radio: An Exploration of Anti-Social and Pro-Social Rap Themes Found in Traditional and New Media Outlets”
Avriel Epps, University of California, Los Angeles (USA)

“‘I Can’t Live Without My Radio’: Political Economics of Rap Radio and the Death of the DJ Mixshow”
Andre Sirois, University of Oregon (USA)

“New York City’s Classical 105.9 WQXR-FM: The Asymmetrical Complementariness of its On-air and Online Worlds”
Neil Washbourne, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

“The Battle for Exclusives: Can Live Music Save Rock” Radio?
Aaron Furgason, Monmouth University (USA)

Static, Feedback and What Is Radio?
Moderator: Peter Laufer, University of Oregon (USA)

Daniel Gilfillan, Arizona State University (USA)
Charles Jaco, Author & Journalist, KTVI- St. Louis (USA)

PLENARY PANEL:                     Room 142/144
New Radio Histories
Moderator: Donna Davis, University of Oregon (USA)

“Broadcasting Race: African American Writers and Performers in US Radio’s Golden Age”
Jennifer Stoever Ackerman, Binghampton University (USA)

“Listening in/to Radio History: Lessons for the Digital Age”
Kate Lacey, University of Sussex (UK)

Panel #9:         Room 150
Radio & News Voices: More After These Messages…
Moderator: Brant Burkey, University of Oregon (USA)

“What’s New?: Producing Radio News Content from Socially Networked Media”
Annita Becirevic, University of Sydney (Australia)

“Reaching for the NPR Star”
Michael V. Marcotte, University of Nevada, Reno (USA)

“Who is Talking and What Does She Say? ‘Canned’ Radio Today”
Ivy Glennon, University of Illinois, Champaign (USA)

Panel #10:                  Room 142/144
Radio Histories: “Oh, the Humanity!”
Moderator: Tom Bivins, University of Oregon (USA)

“From Wireless Experiments to Podcasts: The Secret History and Changing Role of College Radio at Haverford College 1923-2010”
Jennifer C. Waits, Independent Researcher and Writer (USA)

“Technology-Driven Radio: Historical and Contemporary Visions of Radio 1920-2012”
Anne F. MacLennan, York University (Canada)

“Broadcasting and the Commodification of the News in the Anglo-American World, 1920-1945”
Michael Stamm, Michigan State University (USA)

Panel #11:      Pape Forum (Level 3R)
The Report of My Death Was An Exaggeration (and Mark Twain Never Even Worked
in Radio)
Mark Mason, KEX, Portland (USA) and Stan Bunger, The KCBS Morning Newswatch, San Francisco (USA)

(See suggestions included in conference material.)

Panel #12:                     Room 142/144
Public Radio: An Audio Lifeline
Moderator: Michael Huntsberger, Linfield College (USA)

“Migration to Digital Radio Broadcasting in Europe: Just a Mirage or Another Concorde?”
Marko Ala-Fossi, University of Tampere (Finland), Per Jauert, Aarhus University (Denmark) and Stephen Lax, University of Leeds (UK)

“Public Radio Cross-Platform”
Stanislaw Jedrzejewski, Kozminski University (Poland)

“Public Radio and Public Access: Applying HD Radio Technology to a New Form of Broadcast Localism”
Craig A. Stark, Susquehanna University (USA)

“What is the Future of Public Radio in South Africa?”
Pippa Green, University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Panel #13:         Room 150
Radio’s Demographic Reach: Snagging the 18-24 Year Olds
Moderator:  Lauren Bratslavsky, University of Oregon (USA)

“The New Generation of Talk Radio”
John Scott, Academy of Art University, San Francisco (USA)

“On-Air or On-Line? A Study of the Music Listening Habits of College Students, and the Role of Student Radio in Those Habits”
Len O’Kelly, Grand Valley State University (USA)

“Online Radio Use as Part of a Larger Technological Repertoire: A Study of Undergraduate Students’ Media Selectivity”
Toby Hopp, University of Oregon (USA)

Panel #14:                         Pape Forum (Level 3R)
New Forms of Radio
Moderator: Julianne Newton, University of Oregon (USA)

“The Migration of Talk from Broadcast to Podcast”
Peter B. Collins, Independent Broadcaster (USA)

“Cast the Net Wide: Podcasting as Audio Loss Leader”
Deborah Tudor, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (USA)

“Radio in Digital Domestic Spaces”
Jo Tacchi, RMIT University (Australia)

“Internetworking: Emergent Radio Practices in a Digital Age”
Jher, University of Oregon (USA)

Panel #15:             Room 150
Spanish-Language/Latino Radio: ¡Escúchame!
Moderator: Chris Chavez, University of Oregon (USA)

“Latin America’s Radio Development and Liberation Theology”
Gabriela Martinez, University of Oregon (USA)

“Sound Migrations: Chicana/o Radio Production in the Pacific Northwest, 1974-1984”
Monica De La Torre, University of Washington (USA)

“The News-Information Production and Narrative Model of the Spanish Radio Networks Online and On-air”
Avelino Amoedo, Elsa Moreno, and María del Pilar Martínez-Costa, University of Navarra (Spain)

Panel #16:             Pape Forum (Level 3R)
Web Radio: Say Goodbye to the Dial
Moderator: Ben Birkinbine, University of Oregon (USA)

“Internet Radio: Theory into Practice”

John Barber, and his students, Dan Ashbridge, Jenel Cohen, Adam Denny, Dustin King, Aaron Phillips, Randall Theil, and Nick Walker

Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, Washington State University Vancouver (USA)

Panel #17:                  Room 142/144
Streams and Flows: Radio Options
Moderator: Eileen Meehan, Southern Illinois University (USA)

“Take Out the Papers and the Trash: Teaching the History and Aesthetics of Trash Radio”
Phil Oppenheim, Georgia State University, Turner Broadcasting (USA)

“Countercurrent to the Stream”
Alyxandra Vesey, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)

“Italy’s Alternative Radio System: A Comparative Analysis”
Gerry Sussman, Portland State University (USA)

Panel #18:     Pape Forum (Level 3R)
Broadcasting Across Borders: Walls Can’t Stop Signals
Moderator: Leslie Steeves, University of Oregon (USA)

“Women’s Community Radio in Africa: Broadcasting the Voiceless and Bridging the Digital Divide”
Fatoumata Sow, University of Oregon (USA)

“Talk Back Radio featuring Personal Issues in China”
Wei Lei, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)

“Building Darfuri Refugee Radio”
George Papagiannis, UNESCO (USA)

“The Role and Potential of Corporate Radio”
Ricardo Fadul, Uni-Facef and Netradio Brasil (Brazil)
[Translation assistance by Roberta Torunsky, University of Oregon (USA)]
Panel #19:              Room 150
The Futures of Radio: The Medium that Never Dies
Moderator: Michael Huntsberger, Linfield College (USA)

“Radio’s Digital Dilemma”
John Anderson, Brooklyn College (USA)

“Radio 2030”
August E. Grant, University of South Carolina (USA) and Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Houston Baptist University (USA)

“Forward into the Past! or Why This IS the Future, Nor are We Out of It!”
Judith Walcutt, CEO, Otherworld Media (USA) and David Ossman, founding member, The Firesign Theatre (USA)

Panel #20:      Room 142/144
Roundtable Discussion: What is the Difference Between Radio and Audio?
Moderator: Joe Sampson, Washington State University (USA)

Kate Lacey, University of Sussex (UK)
Bryce Peake, University of Oregon (USA)
John Scott, Academy of Art University, San Francisco (USA)
Neil Washbourne, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

CLOSING PLENARY:                 Room 142/144
Radio’s Future
Moderator: Janet Wasko, University of Oregon (USA)

“Radio’s Nonhuman Penumbra”
John Durham Peters, University of Iowa (USA)

CLOSING RECEPTION                             Atrium
(including door prizes!)

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