What is Journalism?

(unless otherwise noted, all events take place at the White Stag Block, 70 NW Couch St.)


5:30-7:00 pm JOHNSTON LECTURE: Ken Doctor from Newsonomics

          Five Truths, Four Paradoxes and the Long Road Ahead



FRIDAY, April 10

9:00 am WELCOME
Julianne Newton, Interim Edwin L. Artzt Dean, UO School of Journalism and Communication
Mike Fancher, Interim Director, George S. Turnbull Portland Center/Agora Journalism Center

9:15 – 10:15 am OPENING PLENARY: Pushing the Boundaries of Web Publishing and Writing
A conversation with Evan Hansen, head of content labs at Medium


10:30-11:45 am

Panel #1
Is Citizen Journalism Bunk?: Social Media and Journalism
Moderator: Wes Pope, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag, Room 142/144

“Eyes Everywhere (…sort of): Smartphone Ubiquity and Antecedents for Citizen Journalism”
Ryan S. Eanes, University of Oregon

“The Role of Social and Mobile Media in News Consumption”
Harsha Gangadharbatla & Kelty Logan, University of Colorado, Boulder & Laura Bright, Texas Christian University

“‘I Have Done Some Things that Would Quite Be Qualified as Journalism, But I Don’t Identify as a Journalist’: Who is a Journalist in the Digital Space?”
Janet Fulton, University of Newcastle (Australia)


Panel #2
Us vs. Them: Quality Journalism in an Age of Terror
Moderator: Thomas Schmidt, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 152

Hal Bernton, The Seattle Times
Matthias Kolb, (Germany)
Vinzenz Wyss, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)


Panel #3
Solving the Digital Skills Dilemma: Journalism Education
Moderator: Lori Shontz, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

Ed Madison, University of Oregon
Esther Wojcicki, Palo Alto High School
Karla Kennedy, University of Oregon
Geanne Rosenberg, Baruch College – CUNY


11:45am-1:00 pm

LUNCH: Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud
Live from the Shirley Papé Forum, Floor 3R



1:00-2:15 pm

Panel #4
“Hello, Sweetheart! Get Me Rewrite!”:  Journalistic Routines
Moderator: Mark Blaine, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

“The Role of the Reporter: A Pilot Study Examining the Relationship of Reporter Routines to Technology”
Jenny J. Dean, University of Oregon

“Newsroom Restructuring, Journalistic Routines and the Decline of Agency”
Brigitte Hofstetter & Philomen Schönhagen, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

“Redefining Journalistic Norms: A New Media Logic for Newsgathering”
Brant Burkey, California State University, Dominguez Hills


Panel #5
“Don’t Know Much About the French I Took”: Journalism Around the World
Moderator: Chris Chavez, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 152

“Chilean Journalism in the 21st Century”
Eduardo Santa Cruz & Claudia Lagos Lira, Universidad de Chile (Chile)

“The Terror of Anti-Terrorism Laws: A Comparative Analysis of Post 9/11 Global Anti-Terrorism Legal Frameworks and Journalists’ Persecution”
Teddy W. Workneh, University of Oregon

“Journalism Research in Brazil: the SBPJor experience”
Cláudia Lago and Sônia Virgínia Moreira (Brazil)


Panel #6
Who’s the News?: “We All Stand Somewhere in Relation to the Story”
Organizer/Moderator: Torsten Kjellstrand, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

A conversation with Sven Haakanson, Mary Beth Meehan, George Papagiannis, and Steven Shankman



2:30-3:45 pm

Panel #7
Big Brother IS Watching: Governance and Control
Moderator: Slavko Splichal, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Location: White Stag 142/144

“Governance, Globalization and Present Journalism”
Avshalom Ginosar, Academic College of Yezreel Valle (Israel)

“The Impact of Bland v. Roberts”
Patrick Bigsby, University of Iowa

“Media Dynamics in Chechnya, Russia: Regulation of the Press in the Absence of the Formal State Censorship”
Elena Rodina, Northwestern University

“The State of Media Regulation in the States”
Justin Nelson, University of California, Riverside


Panel #8
Looking East: Journalism in Asia
Moderator: Kyu Ho Youm, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

“Assessing Journalism Crisis Conditions beyond the Western World: A Study of Newsworker Concerns about Journalism Practice in Singapore and Hong Kong”
Shangyuan Wu, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

“Moving Toward Digital News Enterprise: The Impact of New Technology and Social Media on Newspapers’ Convergence in Taiwan”
Herng Su, National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

“Changes and Continuities in Journalism after Democratization: A Case study of Far Eastern Democracies”
Seongbin Hwang, Rikkyo University (Japan)


Panel #9
“Don’t Know Much about Science Books”: Science Journalism
Moderator: Jon Palfreman, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 152

“Science Journalism’s Role in Communicating Geoengineering”
Jason Thompson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“It’s More Complicated Than That: The Importance of Science Journalism in Civic Life”
Michael Swan Laufer, CUNY Graduate Center

“Math in the Newsroom: Better than We Figure?”
Scott Maier, University of Oregon


Panel #10
Cuba Now: A News Briefing
Moderator: Ed Madison, University of Oregon
Location: Shirley Pape Forum, Floor 3R

Dana Bredeweg, University of Oregon
Melanie Burke, University of Oregon
Casey Minter, University of Oregon



4:00-5:15 pm

Panel #11
“And Now For Something Completely Different”: Alternative News / Alternatively
Moderator: Tom Bivins, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

“A New Dawn for the New Left: Liberation News Service, Montague Farm, and the Long Sixties”
Larry Bensky, Independent Scholar

“Alternative Media and Bourdieu’s Field: Internal Resistance or External Competition?”
Benjamin J. Anderson, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

“‘You Tell ‘em, Baby… If Anybody’s Anti-social, It’s Ike and Khrushchev’: Creating and Covering Alternativity During the Campaigns for Miss Beatnik, 1959-1960”
Phil Oppenheim, University of Georgia


Panel #12
Journalism in Africa
Moderator: Jeslyn Lemke, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 152

“The Battle for Professionalism in Journalism Amidst Unethical Practices: The Nigerian Experience”
Andrew Ali Ibbi, Elizade University (Nigeria)

“The Internet and Time Shift in Journalism Practices: A Nigerian Perspective”
Darlington Olamire Amorighoye, University of Jos (Nigeria)

“A Portrait of How to Build and Sustain Democracy in West Africa through Journalism”
Benjamin Adu-Kumi, University of Oregon


Panel #13
The Good Ol’ New Journalism: Past, Present and Future of Feature Journalism
Moderator: Lisa Heyamoto, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

Tom Hallman, The Oregonian
Jack Hart, author, editor, writing coach
Bret Schulte, University of Arkansas
Thomas Schmidt, University of Oregon


Panel #14
What’s New?: Defining Journalism
Moderator: Charles Butler, University of Oregon
Location: Shirley Pape Forum, Floor 3R

“Who Produces Journalism? What is it? When and Where Does it Happen? An Actor-Network Theory Perspective”
Alex Primo, UFRGS (Brazil)

“Beyond ‘Boundary Work’: Defining Journalism as an Ethical Necessity”
Ivor Shapiro, Ryerson University (Canada)

“What’s News? Depends on the Platform”
Scott Maier, University of Oregon

“I Know It When I See It: Characterizing Journalism”
James Rada, Ithaca College



5:30 pm Reception at the Marion L. Miller Gallery, Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave. Portland

7:00 pm An Evening with Community-Driven Storytellers Screening and Dialogue
Moderator: Jigar Mehta, Engagement leader at AJ+ and co-founder of 18 Days in Egypt
Location: Whitsell Auditorium,The NW Film Center / Portland Art Museum

Elaine McMillion Sheldon – Digital Storyteller, 2013 Peabody Award winner for Hollow
Laura Lo Forti – Project Director, NPMTC Vanport Multimedia Project, a participatory oral history initiative
Michael Premo – Co-director of the participatory documentary of Sandy Storyline



SATURDAY, April 11 


9:00-10:15 am

PLENARY: Journalism History and Ethics
Moderator: Tim Gleason, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

“The Rise and Fall of Hegemonic Journalism”
John Nerone, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

“Radical Media Ethics: Creating a Digital Ethics”
Stephen Ward, Media Ethicist



10:30-11:45 am

Panel #15
Mind Your Own Business!: Online News
Moderator: Charlie Deitz, University of Oregon
Location: Shirley Pape Forum, Floor 3R

“Online News Sites as Sources of Political Information”
Jan Boehmer & Bruce Garrison, University of Miami

“Do Journalists Adjust News Coverage On the Basis of Online Feedback? A Time-Lag Analysis”
Francesco Somaini, University of Oregon

“How Journalists Perceive Audience Engagement via Anonymous Online Comments”
Carolyn Nielsen, Western Washington University


Panel #16
“Hold the Front Page!”: Changing Roles of Journalists
Moderator: Rebecca Force, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

“I-journalism: Are We All Journalists Now?”
Slavko Splichal, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

“Reflective Practices in Liquid Journalism”
Timon Ramaker, Christian University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

“If We Are All Journalists, Can Journalistic Privilege Survive?”
Tim Gleason, University of Oregon


Panel #17
Recalling the Past, Imagining the Future
Moderator: John Nerone, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Location: White Stag 150

“Back to the Future (of Journalism): Who, Why, What, Where, When and How”
Jonah Raskin, Sonoma State University

“The History of Questioning Journalism’s Future”
Gretchen Soderlund, University of Oregon

“What is ‘Really Social Photojournalism’?”
Erik Palmer, Southern Oregon University



11:45 am-1:00 pm     LUNCH
A conversation with writers from the School of Journalism & Communication
Moderator: Donna Davis, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

Hector Tobar, Tom Wheeler, and Carlnita Greene, University of Oregon



1:00-2:15 pm

Panel #18
Welcome to the Machine: Technology & Journalism
Moderator: Kris Wright, University of Oregon
Location: Shirley Pape Forum, Floor 3R

“Tech Journalists, Tech Bloggers, and Their Role in Tech News”
Nirit Weiss-Blatt, University of Haifa (Israel)

“The Impact of Technological Automation on the Growing Instability of Contemporary Media Work”
Jason R. Holley & Robert E. Parker, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“The Use of Metadata to Enrich Information in Journalistic Databases Online”
Walter Teixeira Lima Jr. & André Rosa de Oliveira, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (Brazil)


Panel #19
Journalism and Community
Moderator: Jher, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

“Whose City is This? A Study on How Journalists Can Help Communities Better Engage with the City Planning Process”
Geoff Ostrove, University of Oregon

“The Ten ‘C’s of Participatory Media: Lunch Love Community — A Case Study for Community Engagement”
Helen De Michiel, University of Colorado

“Redefining News in the Face of Economic Crises: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Transition to a Watchdog Journal”
Aras Coskuntuncel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Panel #20
Follow the Money: Financial/Economic Issues
Moderator: Daniel Steinhart, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

“Crowdfunding for Photojournalism on the Kickstarter Platform”
José Afonso da Silva Júnior & João Guilherme de Melo Peixoto, Universidade Católica de Pernambuco (Brazil)

“Domestic ‘Outsourcing’ and Digital Demands: Is This the Future of Newspapers?”
John Russial, University of Oregon

“Restrictions of Journalistic Freedom: The Influence of the Media Crisis and the Commercial Institutionalization of the Press on News Coverage”
Mike Meissner, Silke Fürst, Brigitte Hofstetter, Manuel Puppis & Philomen Schönhagen, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

“Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg as Global Journalism Leaders: New Business Model for a Sagging Industry, or Threat to Public Interest Journalism?”
Derek Moscato, University of Oregon



2:30-3:45 pm

Panel #21
Collaborative Audio Projects: A Podcast Resurgence
Moderator: Andrew DeVigal, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

A conversation with:
Christa Scharfenberg, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting
Elaine McMillion, She Does Podcast (and Hollow)
jesikah maria ross, Capital Public Radio


Panel #22
“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy”: Press Coverage
Moderator: Ivy Glennon, University of Illinois
Location: Shirley Pape Forum, Floor 3R

“Playing Chicken (Kiev): Cooking Up the New (Old) Cold War”
Gerry Sussman, Portland State University

“Burying the Lead: 22 Years of Newspaper Coverage on Military Sexual Violence”
Sarah Stein & Kristina Bell, North Carolina State University

“Journalism and the Economy: How the Framing of the Financial Crisis Shapes Current Understanding of the Economy among Middle/Working Class Citizens”
M. E. Zurn, London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom)


Panel #23
Who? What? When? Why? How?: Journalists at work
Moderator: John Streider, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

“Entrepreneurial Journalism and the Precarious State of Media Work”
Nicole S. Cohen, University of Toronto (Canada)

“How Unique Are American Journalists? A Comparative Look at the Demographics, Roles and Values of Journalists Around the World”
Lars Willnat & David H. Weaver, Indiana University

“Redefining the ‘News Event’: The Promise of Single-Issue Journalism”
Ben DeJarnette, University of Oregon



4:00-5:15 pm

Panel #24
Read Past the Jump: Theoretical Discussions of Journalism
Moderator: Gabriela Martinez, University of Oregon
Location: Shirley Pape Forum, Floor 3R

“Sustaining Literary Journalism in the Neo Liberal Era”
Nathan Senge, University of Colorado, Boulder

“Mediating Group-Based Interactivity: The Persistent Function and Relevance of Journalism”
Silke Fürst & Philomen Schönhagen, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

“News as Capital and Audience Labor: Rethinking the Commercialization of News”
Brice Nixon, University of La Verne

“Journalism and the Problem of Knowledge, Technology, and Desire”
Carl Bybee, University of Oregon


Panel #25
“Is Anybody Out There?”: Audiences & News Consumers
Moderator: Gretchen Soderlund, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 150

“The Changing Role of the Young Canadian News Consumer”
Jessica Thom, University of Western Ontario (Canada)

“Changing Patterns of News Consumption: A Comparative Analysis of Norway and the United States”
Eiri Elvestad & Lee Shaker, Portland State University

“Cultural Time Orientation and News Readers’ Information Practice”
Diana Ascher, University of California, Los Angeles


Panel #26
Experiments in Platforms and Publications
Moderator: Mike Fancher, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144

A conversation with:
Evan Hansen, Medium
Jigar Mehta, AJ+
Lindsay Green-Barber, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting



5:30-6:30 pm

A discussion led by Mike Fancher and Andrew DeVigal, University of Oregon
Location: White Stag 142/144



6:30-8:00 pm

CLOSING RECEPTION  (including door prizes!)