What is Documentary Program 4.2




Northwest Film Center/1219 SW Park Ave.

Sponsored by the Cinema Studies Program, University of Oregon                                                                                                                             

7:30pm   SCREENING           

David MacDougall presents With Morning Hearts

Introduced by Sharon Sherman, University of Oregon


FRIDAY, April 25

Unless otherwise noted, location is the University of Oregon’s George S. Turnbull Center, 70 NW Couch St.




Papé Forum, Turnbull Center, Level 3R

Janet Wasko, Knight Chair in Communication Research, University of Oregon

Julianne Newton, Dean, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon




Moderator: Sharon Sherman, University of Oregon

David MacDougall

Documentary Filmmaking as Process: In Honor of James Blue


Panel #1: Gender and Minorities in Documentary                                                                                   Room 150

Moderator:  Carol Stabile, University of Oregon

Monika Raesch and Micky Lee, Suffolk University

“Market is a Big Whore”: Women and Gender in Documentary Films on the 2008 Financial Crisis

Pamela J. Forman and Ellen Mahaffy University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire

Queer Insights and Intersectional Politics: Student Exposés of San Francisco’s LGBT Community

Leighton C. Peterson, Miami University

Forget Geronimo:  Voicing Native Histories for US Public Television


Panel #2: International Developments in Documentary                                                                        Room 152

Moderator: Peter Laufer, University of Oregon


Michael Baker, University of British Columbia

“The Digital Opportunity”: The Interactive Documentary in Canada, Future and Past

Swati Bandi, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Transnational Desires and New Modes of Production: The Case of Documentary Film Production in India

Maureen Mullinax, Xavier University

Trans-Local Learning About Documentary Practice: Doing Independent Media from Indonesia to Central Appalachia

Jing Wang, Rutgers University

A Dream in Two Realities: A Comparative Case of Variations Between Documentary and Reality TV in China

11:45am-1:00pm   LUNCH
(See suggestions included in conference material.)


Panel #3: Documentary as a Force in Education and Research                                                          Room 150

Moderator:  Ed Madison, University of Oregon


Sara Drabik, Northern Kentucky University

Documentary Film as a Method for Academic Research: Successes from the Past, Obstacles of the Present, and Possibilities for the Future


James A. Rada, Ithaca College

Documentary as Multigenerational Conduit to Connect the Classroom with Community


Sandra Ruiz, Rosario University

Documentary Research and Interactive Users


Elizabeth Peterson, University of Oregon

Educate, Entertain, and Persuade: The U.S. Information Agency’s Film Program


Panel #4: “Find Me the Money!”                                                                                                                    Room 152

Moderator:  Michael Aronson, University of Oregon


David Gracon, Eastern Illinois University

Notes for the DIY Documentary Filmmaker


Kathleen M. Ryan, University of Colorado Boulder and Mary Erickson, University of Oregon

“Hey, Let’s Crowd Fund a Movie!”: Alternative Documentary Financing in the mid-2010s


Yannis Tzioumakis, University of Liverpool

“Independent,” “Indie,” and “Indiewood” Documentaries: US Feature Documentary and American Independent Cinema


Bryan Sebok, Lewis & Clark College

Funding a Feature Documentary Within/Without Academia



Panel #5: Global Voices in Documentary Production                                                                               Room 150

Moderator: Rodrigo Gomez, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa


Amaranta Cesar, University Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia

(Re)Enactments of Tradition: The Documentary in Brazilian Indigenous Villages


Tatsiana Karaliova, University of Missouri

Comparative Analysis of Argument Construction in the Documentaries about the Minsk Metro Bombing


Katrin Schröter, University of New Mexico

Spatial Authenticity and Visual Deception: Recent Representations of East Germany


Bilgen Kurt, Anadolu University

“The Wind of Change” in Two Atatürk Documentaries in Turkey


Panel #6: Historical Approaches to Documentary                                                                                    Room 152

Moderator:  Tom Bivins, University of Oregon


Jörg Becker, University of Marburg

The Nature of War Documentary Photographs


Denise Bennett, University of Idaho

Amateurs and Documentary Film: Past, Present & Future


Nicole Keating, Woodbury University

Producing Truth: Documentary Production and the Politics of History



Panel #7: The Dynamic Relation Between Journalism and Documentary                     Room 150

Moderator:  Jon Palfreman, University of Oregon


Olga Khrustaleva, University of Missouri

Ethics of Filmmaker/Subject Relationships in Documentary Film


Claudia Lago, Anhembi Morumbi University

The Representation of the Other in Journalism and Documentaries: Impasses of the Narrative of Reality


Sarah Stein, North Carolina State University

Rape in the Military: The Invisible War and Twenty-Two Years of Newspaper Coverage


Thomas Schmidt, University of Oregon

Documenting Reality: Truth Claims in Literary Journalism


Panel #8: Sub-genres of Documentary                                                                                                        Room 152

Moderator: Ben Birkinbine, University of Oregon


Carlo Gennarelli, Hofstra University

Real-Time Stories: How Live Sports TV Coverage Has Become Instant Documentary


Geoff Ostrove, University of Oregon

Documenting or Manufacturing Sports Culture? A Political Economic Analysis of ESPN’s 30 for 30


Kevin Taylor Anderson, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Lost in Mediation: Tourism and Cameras at Pompeii


Phil Oppenheim, Georgia State University

What Is Shockumentary?: Watching Critics Watch Mondo Cane



PLENARY PANEL        James Blue’s Documentary Legacy              

Papé Forum, Turnbull Center, Level 3R            

Moderator: Suzanne Clark, University of Oregon


Dan Miller, School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon

Gerald O’Grady, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Christina Kovac, Senior Preservation Specialists at the National Archives


8:00pm   Evening Screening                                  

Northwest Film Center/Whitsell Auditorium/1219 SW Park Ave.

James Blue’s The March and A Few Notes on Our Food Problem, with speakers Richard Blue, Gill Dennis, and Christina Kovac. Moderated by Gerald O’Grady. Presented by Cinema Pacific and Northwest Film Center.



All of the screenings listed here are in the Wayne Morse Suite, Room 302.


Screening 1: 10:30-11:10am  

Sharon Sherman and Cheryl Lewman, University of Oregon

Whatever Happened to Zulay? An Otavaleña’s Journey


Screening 2: 11:15-11:55am 

Leslie Steeves, University of Oregon

Give a Laptop, Change the World: The Story of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Project in Ghana 


Screening 3: 1:00-1:45pm

Richard Beckman, University of Miami

The Role of Documentary Film in the Romani Civil Rights Movement


Screening 4: 1:50-2:30pm

Andrew O. McLaughlin, independent scholar

A Soldier’s Home


Screening 5: 2:35-3:15pm

Julie Perini, Jodi Darby, and Erin Yanke, Safe and Sound Projects

Collective Documentary Production: Fluid Roles, Skill-building, and Radical & Feminist Aesthetics


Screening 6: 3:20-4:00pm

Charles Ledford, University of Illinois

Overtown Inside/Out


Screening 7: 4:05-4:45pm

Kim Komenich, San Jose State University

Revolution Revisited


Screening 8: 4:50-5:30pm

Art Herbig and Aaron Hess, Indiana University

Never Forget: Public Memory & 9/11

SATURDAY, April 26


PLENARY                                                                                                                                                                 Room 142/144

Moderator: Gabriela Martinez, University of Oregon


Kelly Matheson, Senior Program Manager, WITNESS

Honest Truths:  Why Human Rights Principles Should Guide Documentary Filmmaking 


Panel #9: Blurring the Focus: Reality/Fiction                                                                           Room 150

Moderator: Kris Wright, University of Oregon


Ed Madison, University of Oregon

Murky Waters: Docufiction Disguised as Documentary


Eileen Meehan, Southern Illinois University

Reality TV, Actuality TV – and Documentaries?


Biswarup Sen, University of Oregon

Monetizing the Past: Pawn Stars as Documentary


Steven Schoen, Florida International University and David Payne, University of South Florida

The Rhetoric of the Real in Documentary


Erika Walukiewicz, University of Oregon in Portland

The Intimization of Documentary – An Ethical Challenge


Panel #10: New Definitions of Documentary                                                                           Room 152

Moderator: Torsten Kjellstrand, University of Oregon


Randy Nichols, Bentley University

Playing the Algorithm:  Understanding the Documentary Video Game


David Staton, University of Oregon

Paths, Performance, and Participation; the Interactive Documentary


Debra Tolchinsky, Northwestern University

Defining the Documentary in the Age of Hybridization


Antonio Zirión, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

Recycling and Remix in the Contemporary Documentary


Panel #11: Special Forms of Documentary                                           Papé Forum, Turnbull Center, Level 3R

Moderator: Donna Davis, University of Oregon


Grace M. Provenzano, San Francisco State University

Dance on Camera Documentary: Preserving the Art of Movement


Debra Merskin, University of Oregon

Nature Documentaries versus Nature Entertainment: Plight of the Prairie Dog


Carl Bybee, University of Oregon

Enacting “The Story of Stuff”: Affect, Compassion, and Social Action On & Offline


Doris Baltruschat, University of British Columbia

iDocs for Change (!?)


11:45am-1:00pm     Lunch: Screening & Sandwiches                                                                             Room 142/144

Lisa Gilman, University of Oregon

Grounds for Resistance


Panel #12: The Evolution of Documentary Production                                                         Room 150

Moderator:  Charles Deitz, University of Oregon


Mary Beth Leidman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

At the Crossroads: A Case Study on the Impact of Digital Technology on Documentary Production


Thomas J. Brown, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

At the Crossroads: Examining a New Paradigm for Documentaries in the 21st Century


Joakim Karlsen, Østfold University College, and Ånund Austenå, professional documentary filmmaker

Adapting Documentary Practice to the Web


Panel #13: Social Change and Documentary                                                                                              Room 152

Moderator: Gerry Sussman, Portland State University


Sonia De la Cruz, University of Oregon

Things Unseen: What Documentaries Can Teach Us about Identity and Immigration


Derek Gladwin, University of Alberta

Indigenous Communities at the End of the World: Spatial (In)Justice in North Atlantic Documentary Film


Shaun Wright, James Madison University

The Creation, Role and Impact of Documentary Films in a Post-Conflict Society


Panel #14:  Dissecting Documentaries                                                    Papé Forum, Turnbull Center, Level 3R

Moderator: Sergio Rigoletto, University of Oregon


Kyle McDaniel, University of Oregon

Shooting the Shooter: The Image of Photographers in Non-Fiction Films


Brian Ganter, Capilano University

The Fish-Eye’s View: Leviathan as Immersive Documentary and Concrete Cinema


Divya Kumar, independent filmmaker

The “Aesthetics of Silence” in the Documentary Cinema of Werner Herzog


Daisuke Miyao, University of Oregon

Transnational and Transmedial Mimesis: The Lumière Brothers’ Actuality Films




Panel #15: Four on Blue                                                                                                                                     Room 142/144

Moderator: Anne Richardson


Brian Lindstrom, Michael Palmieri, Donal Mosher and Penny Allen discuss documentary filmmaker James Blue


Panel #16: The Role of Documentary in Activism                                                                                     Room 150

Moderator: Nancy Breaux, Art Institute of Portland


Stephen Rust, University of Oregon

Motivating Action: Environmental Activism and Documentary Aesthetics


Sheila E. Schroeder, University of Denver

Digital Storytelling as Activist Documentary


David Whiteman, University of South Carolina

Assessing the Increasing Impact of Documentary Film: An Issue-centered Approach to Outreach and Political Impact


Andy Opel, Florida State University

The Gasland Movement: Transmedia Documentary and Communities of Activism


Panel #17: Self-Reflections Through Documentary                                                                                 Room  152

Moderator: Wes Pope, University of Oregon


Kris Fallon, University of California

Auto/bio/graphy: Digital Media and the Exposure of the Self


Clint Burnham, Simon Fraser University

Searching for the Object: Documentary film, Žižek, and Object-oriented Ontology


George S. Larke-Walsh, University of North Texas

A New Vocabulary for Documentary Authorship


Caitlin Zera, Webster University

The Experiential Essay



Panel #18: Women Producing Documentaries                                                                                          Room 150

Moderator: Rebecca Force, University of Oregon


Suzanne Clark, University of Oregon

New Documentary Films about Women, by Women


Viktorija Mickute, University of Missouri

American Female Independent Documentary Filmmakers: Being a Woman Behind-the-camera


Stephanie Skourtes, University of British Columbia

The Making of a Photo-Documentary as Political Translations of Girlhood


Panel #19: Theoretical Explorations of Mediated Reality               Papé Forum, Turnbull Center, Level 3R

Moderator: Julianne Newton, University of Oregon


Jesse Abdenour, UNC-Chapel Hill

Deciphering Documentaries: Categorizing Non-Fiction Films to Maximize Research Effectiveness


Maureen A. Asten, independent scholar

What Role Should Documentary Media Play in Society?


Jher, University of Oregon

Documenting Materiality and Material Documents: An Exploration


Iiris Ruoho, University of Tampere

Documentary Television as a Cultural Form and Politics


Panel #20: The Mediation of Memory                                                                                                         Room 152

Moderator:  Brant Burkey, University of Oregon


Gabriela Alves, Federal University of Espírito Santo

Memory and History in the Brazilian Documentary: Viramundo and Viva Cariri!


Reece Auguiste, University of Colorado at Boulder

Documentary Cinema and the Archives of Collective Memory


Scott Selberg, Portland State University

Mediating Personhood: Time and Truth in the Images of Alzheimer’s


Christina M. Smith, California State University Channel Islands, and Bonnie Blake, College of New Jersey

The Mediation of WWII Memory in “Beyond All Boundaries”


5:30-6:45pm CLOSING PLENARY PANEL: Expanding the Idea of Documentary                          Room 142/144

Moderator: Gabriela Martinez, University of Oregon


Patricia R. Zimmermann, Ithaca College, and Helen De Michiel, Thirtyleaves Production

Open Space: Towards a Theory and Practice of Documentary in New Media


Dmae Roberts, Mediarites

Transforming Archives As an Act of Legacy


Carlos Aguirre, University of Oregon

Documentaries as Vehicles of Memory



James Blue Award Presentation                                                                                                                     Room 142/144

Presented to Kelly Matheson by Richard Blue, Chairman of James & Richard Blue Foundation



CLOSING RECEPTION  (including door prizes!)                                                                                         Atrium

Sponsored by James & Richard Blue Foundation and University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication George S. Turnbull Portland Center


8:00pm      Evening Screening                                Northwest Film Center/Whitsell Auditorium/1219 SW Park Ave.

Approved for Adoption. Animated Documentary, Laurent Boileau/Jung Henin, France, 2012, 75 minutes.

In French with English subtitles, with guest director Jung. Presented by Cinema Pacific and Northwest Film Center.