University of Oregon Women's Club Soccer

University of Oregon Women's Club Soccer

Tryouts: Preliminary Team Designation

Hey Duckies,

Here are the preliminary team selections for Thursday night’s tryout. Remember, this is still a tryout, if you are unhappy with the team you’re on you still have two days to show your stuff.

The selected Gold team will practice from 7-8pm, those selected for the Green team must show up to club sports to complete their concussion testing–DO NOT BE LATE. At 8pm both teams will switch.

Adrian Hill
Margaux Baatz
Nicole Marsaglia
Katie Lillard
Lindsay Rasmussen
Josie Ruzette
Emma Severson
Lauren Holton
Stephanie Palomino
Alexa Miles
Olivia Tenery
Tela Caul
Meghan Graf
Jen Kirst
Delaney Piglouanni
Ali Pougiales
Jesse Larkford
Caitlyn Matthews
Kelly Loftus
Therese Wichmann
Talia Pachote

Jo O’Connell
Kiki Kruse
Olivia Andrus
Aurelia Fitch
Leila Ozeran
Sophie Montgomery
Brianna Bermingham
Rebecca Kistlar
Kaytee Arnold
Natalie Wolfe
Yelda Raheen
Shelby Beloff
Alyson Nilan-Axline
Serena Abouchar
Dana Sandler
Maddie Lipson
Rachel Sackvin
Ally Barclay
Andrea Myovich
Tara Maercklein
Melanie Smith
Millie Walton
Anna Serrano
Hannah Vernetti
Corinne Villasenor

Best of luck to all of you in the 4th day of tryouts.


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