Players, great job all of you! I am proud of your hard work and dedication the last two weeks. Our team roster selections are below: 17 on Gold and 21 on Green. Any changes or additions to rosters will be finalized on Friday Oct 5th after coaches see players compete in Saturday’s 2pm Gold/Green league match and Wednesday’s 7pm Gold/Linfield match.

Look at our weekly trainings times below. Email me at if you have a specific time conflict.

On Saturday,  players should report to Field #4 one hour early for our 2pm Gold/Green league match. Please wear green (or black) shorts and white socks. Jerseys will be provided. If you haven’t turned in your player card registration form to Nicole, you must email one to the Oregon Adult Soccer Association immediately and tell them to ship your card to Nicole Marsaglia, courtesy UofO Women’s Club Soccer.

Players who had a player card last year are renewing. See link here <>
Players who have not had an OASA player card are new registering. See link here <>
Players without player cards are prohibited from playing in league matches.

Gold 17 (Tu/Th 6am trainings):

Lindsay R, Layla F, Margaux B, Maddie B, Kris L, Jess S, Stephanie P, Katie L, Ashly B, Josie R, Emma S, Adrienne L, Michaela M, Adrian H, Emily H, Nicole M, Jessica R

Green 21 (Tu/Th 4:30pm trainings):
Jan VH, Kylie F, Kaylen B, Brianna B, Jessica W, Jo O, Olivia VD, Sara I, Lauren H, Kaitlyn J, Katey J, Erin N, Sophie M, Kat B, Natalia P, Marisa H, Grace V, Corrin V, Katie M, Reilly E, Leila O

Coach Pete