Lab Members




Philip Washbourne          associate professor

Alexandra Tallafuss         senior research associate

Joseph Bruckner              postdoctoral fellow

Jen Serafin                         research assistant

Dan Gibson                        lab manager

Sarah Stednitz                   graduate student

Denver Ncube                    graduate student


Postdoctoral Fellows:

Javier Fierro Jr.                    postdoctoral fellow

John Constable                    currently working for AbCam

Thomas Pietri                       currently with Daphne Soares

at New Jersey Institute of Technology

Graduate Students:

Mae Voeun                          staff scientist at Abcam, Eugene OR

Dan Fowler                          postdoc with James Peters at Washington State University

Courtney-Easley Neal       postdoc with Robby Weimer at Genentech,

staff scientist with Eisai Inc, Andover MA

Jennifer Hoy                       postdoc with Cris Neil at University of Oregon,

Assistant professor at University of Nevada Reno

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