Asian Studies at the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon’s Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary instructional component of the College of Arts and Sciences. The program emphasizes study in Asian languages, history, society and culture, art and literature, politics and economics. Established under Warner’s guidance in 1942, the Asian Studies Program is one of the oldest interdisciplinary programs in the United States to focus on Asia. Please visit their website for information on faculty biographies, specialty topics, and current course offerings for enrolled UO students.

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS) is a research and outreach center at the University of Oregon devoted to promoting understanding of the Asia-Pacific region, a sentiment in line with Warner’s philosophy. They aim to foster collaborative and individual research engaging Asia-interested scholars from the UO, the nation, and around the world. Visit their website (link above) or come into their office in Global Scholars Hall for information on upcoming events, publications, and other information.

Department of History, UO

The University of Oregon History Department comprises twenty-five scholars and teachers with a passion for understanding the past in all its dimensions. Among numerous specialties, their faculty offers courses and conducts research on the history of Asia, the United States, Oregon, US Women, and the world as a whole. History students, majors and non-majors, learn about the variety of human experience, including the habits of historical figures like Gertrude Bass Warner and early twentieth century cultural exchanges, and acquire analytical and writing skills that prepare them for success in many different areas of work and study. Visit their website for details on upcoming courses, departmental events, publications, and faculty bios.