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March 10, 2017, (Friday); 4-5PM; Knight Library Browsing Room (106)

Design and Demonstration: Edo Period Culture and Society through the Lens of Senshafuda

Talk by Professor Masaya Takiguchi (Seijo University)

pasting and trading votive slip

Professor Takiguchi will discuss the impact of the nōsatsu “boom” on Japanese culture and society in Edo Japan. In the late Edo period, a fashion for pasting and trading votive slips, or nōsatsu ( a.k.a.senshafuda ) became a popular pastime.

Enthusiasts and connoisseurs met regularly to trade “exchange“ nōsatsu and to make pilgrimages to temples and shrines to paste “daimei” nōsatsu there. The University of Oregon Libraries holds the only know collection of Japanese shrine and temple votive slips in North America. The nōsatsu images in the University of Oregon’s collection cover a wide range of themes and topics including landscapes; depictions of figures from Edo-period popular fiction and theatre; shrines and temples; seasonal celebrations; mythical creatures; firefighters; Japanese toys and collectibles; and prints showing the activities of the nōsatsu-kai members themselves.

Co-sponsored by UO Libraries and the Asian Studies Program, this event is part of the Global Japan Speaker Series