This blog investigates, inspires, and collaborates with research examining the life, work, and collected material of Gertrude Bass Warner. The blog is intended to be a mixed audience format, welcoming public and academic discourse. It is student-designed, research-friendly, and open-access compliant. 

This site is managed by Joshua Fitzgerald, the Graduate Employee Collection Historian for the Gertrude Bass Warner Collection. Joshua is a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of Oregon, focusing on the history of colonial education systems in Latin America, specifically New Spain. He specializes in the study of indigenous material culture and local knowledge in Christian learning environments among Nahuas, Otomies, and others learning under regular order clergy in central Mexico. Though not directly related to his research, this role as Collection Historian is part of his goal of completing a Museum Studies certification with the School of Architecture and Allied Arts with his doctoral degree. He plans to apply the skills learned in this position toward future work in a public history or museum setting.


For information about the position, to set up an appointment with Joshua, or simply chat about the collection, please contact me at, or come visit me in the Digital Scholarship Center in the Knight Library.