Gertrude Bass Warner is featured in several media platforms, including: documentary films, short video clips, exhibitions, and conference panels. This page will help direct you to the collection of available videos perfect for use in the classroom as well as personal research and reference. Of note, be sure to watch the award-nominated short documentary, “When West Meets East” (2006), and the panel from the 2012 University of Oregon and Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art exhibition, Through Her Lens. If you know of more available videos or media regarding Warner, her collection and legacy, and/or the Murray Warner Collection of Oriental Art, please comment below or contact the Collection Historian.

“When West Meets East” (2006)

This 2006 documentary, “When East Meets West: The Life and Legacy of Gertrude Bass Warner,” produced by Haley Lovett and directed by Dan Asenlund, was nominated for a Student Emmy Award, Northwest chapter in the student film category. It has aired on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) and various local cable stations throughout Oregon and the Northwest. Interviewees include: Chinese historian Bryna Goodman, Ph.D.; JSMA docent Hattie Mae Nixon; SCUA archivist Normandy Helmer; Chinese Art Historian and part-time curator Charles Lachman, Ph.D.; and English professor and poet Ce Rosenow, Ph.D..

Producers of the above documentary created this short complementary chapter to “When West Meets East” (2006), which explains a particularly peculiar and exciting event, Warner’s escape by train from Beijing in 1924. It was also produced by Lovett and directed by Asenlund and features interviews with Goodman, Rosenow, and Nixon.

This behind-the-scenes documentary presents composer Jerry Hui’s inspiration and production process for the scoring of “When West Meets East.”

Through Her Lens (2012)

This video of a curatorial panel, Through Her Lens: Gertrude Bass Warner’s Vision of Asia, was held on May 2, 2012 at the JSMA. Participants included UO Museum Studies students Lisa Hewitt, Jessica Hodgdon, June Irene Koehler, and Megan Lallier-Barron, with Professor Phaedra Livingstone as panel chair and commentator. Participants developed the panel from a museum exhibitions course, which culminated in the peer-reviewed exhibition “Through Her Lens.” Koehler describers Warner’s biography (~5:30). Hewitt and Hodgdon discuss a virtual exhibition software program and smartphone application used during the exhibition(~17:00). Lallier-Barron explains the theme of silk and silk artworks that Warner collected (~22:30). Then Tallier-Barron and Hodgkin expand upon exhibit programming and the group’s “share your photos” personal traveler (~29:00). Finally, the responds to audience questions and comments (~32:00).

The three following video and audio clips accompanied the Through Her Lens (2012) exhibition at the JSMA:

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