Vowels.R 1.2

I’m pleased to announce the first of some long overdue updates to the Vowels package.  Version 1.2 features “true ellipses” in the add.spread.vowelplot() function.  These “true ellipses” are oriented around the directions of variation, rather than, as before, the x- and y-axes.  (You can still use the old version; see the help documentation for vowelplot() or add.spread.vowelplot().)  As with the original version of the ellipsis plotting feature, I’m grateful to Santiago Barreda for some code.

Here’s an example:

Generated from this code:

vowels <- load.vowels("http://lingtools.uoregon.edu/tools/norm/downloads/SpanishSpeakersNORM.txt")
vowelplot(compute.means(vowels, separate=T), color="speakers", label="vowels", xlim=c(2950, 750), ylim=c(1200,200))
add.spread.vowelplot(vowels, sd.mult=2, ellipsis=TRUE, color="speakers")

You can get the new Vowels version through CRAN (in your R application) or via http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/vowels/.  I aim to update the NORM site soon to offer this new feature.

PS, I’m also aware that Vowels was removed from the CRAN repository for some period of time.  Apologies for that inconvenience – it shouldn’t happen again.


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