Student Resources and Opportunities

Please see below for some compilations of resources of interest for volcanology students:

1) Student Research Funding Opportunities

Everyone could use a bit of funding during their student careers!

We have been compiling a list of General and Volcanology-specific grants, scholarships, internship, and workshop opportunities (for both grad and undergrad). This is an evolving document – please email if you have any additions to the list!

Link to: List of Research Grants for Volcanology Students

Happy proposal writing!


2) Volcano Community Initiative White Papers

Following up on Volc-OR 2019’s panel discussion about community initiatives in volcano science, we have compiled a number of white papers introducing / describing current community efforts:

Link to: ERUPT – National Academies of Science report on the state of Volcano Science

Link to: SZ4D – Subduction Zone Hazards in 4D

Link to: Gomberg et al 2017 – A Plan to Advance Subduction Zone Science_USGS

Link to: COVE – Community Volcano Experiments

Link to: CONVERSE – Community Network for Volcanic Eruption Response

Link to: NVEWS – National Volcano Early Warning System outline_USGS


3) Volcano related list-serves

A number of email list serves exist that contain abundant information about upcoming conferences, workshops, student and career opportunities, and current volcanic events. We have assembled a list of some of these email list-serves, along with information on how to subscribe:

Link to: Volcanology related email list-serv compilation