Meet this year’s officers:


Matthew ‘Matti’ Cone


Ed Ortega


Jason Sheridan

Public Relations

Marina P. Gross


Pete Amelung

ASUO Liaison

Jason Kim

2 Responses to 2014-15

  1. Katie Wilt says:

    Dear Matti,

    My name is Katie and I work to support American Corporate Partners (ACP, http://www.acp-usa.org), a proud partner of Student Veterans of America.

    ACP is a non-profit organization that offers post-9/11 military Veterans free, one-on-one, yearlong mentorships with corporate professionals from companies such as Boeing, Deloitte, Coca-Colaand USAA.

    Would you be able to touch base for a 15-minute phone call next week? We want to be sure students at UO know of our opportunities.

    Katie Wilt

    • mgross@uoregon.edu says:

      Hello Katie,
      Thank you very much for reaching out to us; we are happy that ACP values our service men and women.
      I will contact you via email to keep the conversation going.
      Thanks again.
      Marina P Gross
      PR Officer, VFSA

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