Mission Vision Goals

UDL Text - Mission, Vision, Goals

To support student education through project based service learning.

The Urban Design Lab (UDL) is an innovative and award winning architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and planning organization housed in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon. The Urban Design Lab seeks to blur the boundaries between academia and professional practice by engaging real world projects with real clients, stakeholders and user groups, while promoting service based learning, public outreach and research on the design and development of streets, parks, buildings, and cities in an ethical and sustainable way.

Urban Design + Planning
The Urban Design Lab is committed to a collaborative and contextual approach to spatial design practices and to the planning of unique and sustainable landscapes, urban spaces, communities, cities and regions.

Post Occupancy Evaluation
The Urban Design Lab is dedicated to using a transparent and unmediated assessment of how well buildings match their users’ needs, and identifies ways to improve building design, performance and fitness.

The Urban Design Lab is committed to using a mode of practice that engages the client – and a wider spectrum of users and stakeholders – to generate knowledge to inform the visioning and design process employing a transparent, collaborative, and consensus-building approach.