JUMP Mentors

Learn more about your JUMP 2019-2020 Mentors!


Alicia DeLouize

I am a 3rd year Biological Anthropology PhD student in the Global Health Biomarker Lab. I completed a Master’s at the University of Colorado in Psychological Science and have 4 years of experience in industry, where I did Cancer Clinical Research. I plan to pursue a career in Academia.
Email: adelouiz@uoregon.edu

Allison Kubo

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Earth Sciences Department. I study geophysics and volcanology. I came to UO directly after my Bachelors in Science at UC San Diego. Upon graduation, I want to work in hazard mitigation.
Email: akubo@uoregon.edu

Austin Seroka

I am a 4th year biology PhD student in the Doe lab, where I study how different neurons are made by stem cells and constructed into a functional brain during development. Upon graduation, I hope to pursue a Post-Doctoral fellowship or enter into an industry position. I am passionate about biology and music. Feel free to reach me with questions any time.
Email: aseroka@uoregon.edu

Aidan Short

Aidan Short is a first-year Ecology and Evolution PhD student, who is interested in studying how closely related plant species adapt to local environmental conditions, and how these local adaptation can lead to speciation. He developed in an interest in plant adaptation and speciation as a Master’s student at Guangxi University, where he studied how mangrove species with different latitudinal limits and populations from different latitudinal locations adapt to local temperature conditions and the genetic basis of these adaptations.
Email: ashort2@uoregon.edu

Bruce Edelman

Dave Evarts

David is a Master’s student in the Knight Campus at the U. of O. Bioinformatics and genomics program with an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Oregon.  He has just finished a project building an automated pipeline for RNA sequencing of humanized worms for biomedical research.  Previously, he worked for 10 years as a laboratory technician in industrial chemistry, earning shared patent credit and formulating products, before returning to college.
Email: devarts@uoregon.edu

Dewi Yokelson

I am a 2nd year Computer Science PhD student. My undergraduate degree was in Mathematics from Gonzaga University. I worked in Seattle as a software developer and in management before coming to UO to pursue my PhD. My research is focused on Software Engineering and Data Science.

Eliza Hernández

I am a 2nd year master’s student in the Environmental Studies Program conducting plant ecology research with the Hallett Lab. After earning my bachelor’s in Biology at Cal Poly Pomona, I took a three-year break to work and travel before coming to UO. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a career in either STEM support or environmental management.
Email: ehernan2@uoregon.edu

Elizabeth McNeilly

As a first-year PhD student in Clinical Psychology, I work with Dr. Nick Allen and the Adolescent Development and Psychopathology Team. My research focuses on adolescent mental health, particularly depression, through the investigation of individual differences in development and social risk factors. Originally from Maryland, I completed my undergraduate education at the University of Maryland – College Park and my master’s degree from the University of Washington. I was a research program manager at the University of Washington prior to pursuing my PhD at the University of Oregon.
Email: emcneill@uoregon.edu

Ellen Olsen

I am a 4th year Earth Sciences PhD student in the Watkins experimental geochemistry lab focusing on inorganic calcite precipitation kinetics and isotope partitioning. I received my bachelor’s in geology from Western Washington University and started my graduate studies at the UO after taking a gap year. This is my second year as a JUMP mentor. I plan to pursue a career in geochemical research as a research associate or lab manager.
Email: eolsen2@uoregon.edu

Gabriel Luna

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Grimes lab. I wanted to study zebrafish and found out that UO was the place to be! I am happy to share my experience and mentor people who are interested in doing research!
Email: glunaarv@uoregon.edu

Grace Privett

I am a 2nd year Human Physiology PhD student in Dr. Callahan’s Muscle Cellular Biology Lab. I completed a master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Biomechanics at Cal Poly, SLO. I am interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that cause contractile dysfunction in human aging and disuse. My hope is that this research will improve quality of life for older adults and those confined to a hospital bed for long periods of time.
Email: gprivett@uoregon.edu

Jamie Yellowtail

I am a 2nd year psychology master’s student in the CaMP lab. I study attitudes and beliefs that contribute to violence towards Native women. Upon graduation, I plan on continuing to work towards my PhD and pursuing a career in academia.
Email: jyellowt@uoregon.edu

Kara Merfeld

I’m a 3rd year PhD student in physics, studying gravitational waves in the LIGO lab. I am originally from Washington, and did my undergrad at the University of Puget Sound. Then I spent 2014-2016 in the Peace Corps teaching physics in a high school in Mozambique. In my spare time I play the Irish fiddle.
Email: kmerfeld@uoregon.edu

Konnor Jones

I am a second year physical chemistry PhD student in the Richmond lab. I earned my Master’s and bachelors in chemistry from Western Kentucky University. After graduation, I think I want to work at a national lab or in an industrial setting. Luckily, I have a few years to figure it out!
Email: konnorj@uoregon.edu

Megan Lipsett

I am a 1st year Psychology PhD student in the Social Affective Neuroscience Lab. I received a master’s degree in Integrative Health and was an Asst. Professor of Integrative Health prior to becoming a lab manager at the Health and Human Performance Lab at Carnegie Mellon. I take a biopsychosocial approach to research on health behaviors, stress physiology, mindfulness-based interventions, and social determinants of health. I plan to pursue a faculty position within a psychology program and engaging in policy-relevant intervention research to address disorders of allostasis.
Email: mlipsett@uoregon.edu.

Michael Shavlik

I am a 2nd year molecular biology PhD student in the Harms lab where I broadly study protein evolution. I’m originally from Nebraska, and completed my undergraduate degree in biology/computational science/French at Doane university. Although far off, my preliminary plan for after graduation is to pursue a professor position at a small PUI.
Email: mshavlik@uoregon.edu

Rebecca Bussard

Sarah Donaldson

I am a 4th year Psychology PhD student, focusing my research on adolescent development within Dr. Jennifer Pfeifer’s Developmental Social Neuroscience lab. Before graduate school I spent a few years in the corporate world, working primarily in marketing and HR. I received my Master’s degree from a small graduate program at Oakland University, just outside of Detroit, MI before moving to Eugene to pursue a PhD. After graduation I would like to work at a small, liberal arts school focused on teaching, while also maintaining an undergraduate social psychology research lab.
Email: sdonalds@uoregon.edu

Sydney Dybing

I’m a first-year earth sciences PhD student working with Dr. Diego Melgar on large earthquake research. I have a degree in geophysics from Washington University in St. Louis, and in the future I hope to again work for the U.S. Geological Survey, where I did an internship as an undergrad.
Email: sdybing@uoregon.edu

Sydney Leverett

I am a first-year in the Post-Professional Athletic Training Master’s Program. I am one of the athletic trainers with UO Club Sports and I also teach a Workshop in Athletic Training course (HPHY 408)! I did undergrad at the University of Georgia and majored in Athletic Training and Exercise and Sports Science. I am planning to continue my career in sports medicine at the collegiate level.
Email: slevere6@uoregon.edu

Sabrina Mostoufi

I am a 2nd year biology PhD student in the Singh Lab. I came to graduate school because I love genetics and plan to pursue a career teaching college-level biology.
Email: smostouf@uoregon.edu

Sam Shepherd

I am a 2nd year Physical Chemistry PhD student in the Prell lab studying protein mass spectrometry. I came to UO after receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and art (painting) at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. While there I participated in undergraduate research on nonlinear chemical dynamics, worked at a daycare, and played sports. Now I keep many houseplants and spend my free time painting, in a blanket nest watching netflix, or at the gym. After graduation I am interested in pursuing work on physical chemistry/biochemistry, data analysis, and intersectional feminism as it relates to STEM academia, education, and industry.
Email: sshephe4@uoregon.edu

Tara Findley

Tyler Newton

I am a 4th year PhD student researching seismology and geophysics in the Dept. of Earth Sciences. I completed my BSc at University of Maryland as a nontraditional student, leaving behind a career as a machinist, and I worked in industry for three years before starting my PhD at UO. I plan to pursue quantitative research for the rest of my career, in academia or other sectors.
Email: tnewton@uoregon.edu

Tara Nye

I am a 1st year Earth Sciences PhD student working with Valerie Sahakian on tsunami earthquakes. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in Geology and minor in Physics.  After graduating, I plan to pursue a career as a seismologist in a research facility.
Email: tnye@uoregon.edu