JUMP Mentors


Rose Marie Haynes

I am studying optical materials and devices through the Master’s Industrial Internship Program. I will be doing an internship in applications engineering for electron microscopes and related devices, and hope to pursue a career in applications engineering for optical instruments.
Preferred email: haynesr1@seattleu.edu



Ana Hernandez

I am a 2nd year Clinical Psychology PhD student in the Developmental Sociobiology Lab, and I am planning on pursuing a career in the research and applied mental health sphere.
Preferred email: ahernand@uoregon.edu



Aleesa Schlientz

I am a 5th year PhD candidate in the Bowerman Lab within the Institute of Molecular Biology and Department of Biology. I’m planning on pursuing a career in academic research, either as a laboratory head or a research associate.
Preferred email: aleesas@uoregon.edu



Beth McCarry

I am a 2nd year physics PhD student. Upon graduation I plan to become a college professor at a liberal arts college to focus on science education and science literacy. I currently work in Richard Taylor’s lab on his fractal retinal implant project to cure blindness.
Preferred email: bmccarry@uoregon.edu



Jamie Johnson

I am a first-year grad student in the Master’s Industrial Internship Program (semiconductors track). I plan to pursue a career in the electronics/technology industry.
Preferred email: jjohns22@uoregon.edu



Allie Roberts

I am a part of the Masters Industrial Internship Program in chemistry with an emphasis in polymer science. I am planning pursuing polymer science in industry starting with an internship at Thermo Fisher Scientific in January!
Preferred email: arober11@uoregon.edu



Claire Otteson

I’m a second-year graduate student in the Chemistry PhD program here working mainly in organic synthesis in the Jasti lab.  I came to graduate school because I love teaching and research and hope to become a professor after graduation.  As an undergraduate I went to a very small institution and double majored in Chemistry and Religious studies with a pre-med emphasis unsure about where I was going.  While in undergrad I worked heavily as a TA, tutor and SI leader, as well as a medical scribe.  In my junior year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do research at the University of Nottingham in a materials lab for three months and get some hands-on skills that really made my decision clear.  After graduating I spent 2.5 years in industry working first for Valspar on a Polymer R&D team, then at a small biochemical company, LKT Laboratories, as a synthetic organic chemist.
Preferred email: cotteson@uoregon.edu

Ellen Olsen

I am a 3rd year experimental geochemistry PhD student working with James Watkins in the Earth Sciences department.
Preferred email: eolsen2@uoregon.edu




Melissa Moss

I am a 3rd year Psychology PhD student in the Cognitive Dynamics Lab. I plan to continue working in research, and I hope to eventually run my own lab.
Preferred email: mmoss2@uoregon.edu




Akhila Nekkanti

I am a 2nd year doctoral student in the Prevention Science program, and am interested in studying how interventions work to promote behavior change in high-risk families by targeting specific connections in the brain.
Preferred email: akhilan@uoregon.edu



Amy Turner

I am a 2nd year physics PhD student in the McMorran Group, and I am pursuing a career researching biomedical physics in industry.
Preferred email: aturner2@uoregon.edu




Helena Klein

I am a Master’s student in the UO Bioinformatics and Genomics program. I have always had a wide-ranging interest in science and biology, from plant conservation to host-bacterial interactions and surgery. It was only recently when I realized how powerful it is to combine programming with my biology research, which put me on my current path. I hope that my breadth of experiences in my undergrad can help current students. Outside of my studies, I love hiking, gardening, and exploring the wilderness.
Preferred email: hklein3@uoregon.edu


Carolyn Brewster

Science is a team sport, and that’s one of my favorite things about it! I’m a Master’s student studying Bioinformatics and Genomics at the University of Oregon, and I’m really excited about bringing together my passions (biology, math, and programming) in order to help people do the science that they’re passionate about. I worked in the Barkan lab as an undergrad, investigating how light turns photosynthesis on and off at a molecular level. I’m currently working on a team who has partnered with Omics Data Automation to use deep learning to enable oncologists and pathologists to spend more time with their patients and improve outcomes. My particular interests include:

* Using data structures to reduce computational workload

* (DNA/RN/protein) Sequence analysis pipeline analysis

* Less-common bioinformatics problems (HPLC, machine learning, sclerochronology, etc.)

* How RNA structure affects stability and translation

* Making bioinformatics (and data-wrangling) solutions more accessible to non-programmers