These forms are for current students looking to join the team in the upcoming season. If you are not interested in joining the team but are interested in apparel, please visit our apparel page.

Step 1: Join our OrgSync page and fill out the appropriate paperwork

  1. Go to the Swim Club’s OrgSync page by clicking here.
  2. Click Log in in the upper right corner and follow the instructions to sign in with your DuckID.
  3. Join the Swim Club’s OrgSync page by clicking “Join Now” on the left.  After you send this, it might take some time for us to accept you as a swim member on the page.  Please be patient!
  4. Once we have accepted your request to join, click “Forms” on the left.
  5. Submit the Registration – Club Members 2015-2016 form.*
**We need you to fill out the Participant Registration Form for liability purposes. If you don’t fill this out you can’t join the team.
Step 2: Fill out the form below with your information

Step 3: Bring cash or check for $100 to practice and give it to Amanda, our beautiful and organized treasurer, at practice.
Step 4: Become Van Certified
Instructions can be found here.
Step 5: Sign up for Escript
Instructions can be found here.
Step 6 (Optional): Sign up for U.S. Masters Swimming
This allows you to attend USMS meets, which includes Master’s meets and nationals. We highly recommend signing up. The cost is $38 and lasts a year.  Please understand this does not cover event fees, it just allows you to attend.