Current Tryouts

We want to thank everyone who gave it their all this week at our tryouts. The level of play this year has been really high and we’ve had to make some tough decisions. Below is the list of players we want returning for tryouts tomorrow. For players not selected, we encourage you to keep playing competitive soccer and tryout again next year.

Players We Want Returning for Tryouts on Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

Who had the Di Maria Jersey yesterday and the Portland Timbers #22 jersey today.

Please contact AJ Heckmann immediately (510) 367-6109

Aaron Chong            AJ Heckmann
Anthony Deleon           Andrew Lord
    Alden Felstiner
Ari Eisner
Arion Rivera
Beck Pamperin
Brad Bedell         Brady Dillon
Brian Halvorson
Christian Pendleton
Christian Zarka           Colin Gross
Daniel Alarcon         David Brown
David Tamura         Diego Millan
Erin Batista           Erik Johnson
Gio Vasquez
Jack Ritzenthaler
Jacob Daurghty
Jake Curletto               Joe Rocker
Justin Pirigyi                Lawain Howell
Leyonne Howell                Luke Agnew
Malcolm Kluth          Matthew Besgen
Matthew Leisegang
Matthew Davis
Matous Komers
        Mason Larrick
Max Johnson
Nico Haussen
Nicolas Kovacevic
Noah Hattevik
Oliver Kaufmann
Peter Wogan
Reece Cole
Ryan Swanson
Sching Jutikabukkano
Stark Varsic
Wesley Allen
Wyland Espinoza

If you feel there has been a drastic error, please email AJ Heckmann at