Who We Are and Our Goals: 

The ASUO Men’s Center, in partnership with the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta (more commonly referred to as FIJI) and the UO Organization Against Sexual Assault, are very excited to announce the start of the Men of Strength Team (MOST) Club. This Club is the college outreach program of the award-winning, non-profit, sexual violence prevention organization called, “Men Can Stop Rape”. Thanks to funding from ASUO and FIJI, we will be starting the 20-week program on the first week of winter term, 2016.

While sexual violence has been a huge issue for quite some time, it has only recently begun to emerge from under the shadows of complacency and inadequate preventative response. For the students of the University of Oregon, sexual violence negatively impacts the lives of people of all genders and identities… especially those identifying as women. The dichotomy of men being aggressors and women being victims is unfortunate, but statistically true. The ASUO Men’s Center, FIJI, the UO Organization Against Sexual Assault, and the ASUO believe that men can play a key role in the prevention of sexual violence on our campus and in our community. The MOST Club aims to do just that through 20 weeks of a safe-space discussion and education on a variety of topics relating to reconstructing masculinity, sexual violence, and intersectionality. The goals of the MOST Chapter are:

  • Provide college men with a safe, supportive space to connect with male peers.
  • Promote an understanding of the ways in which traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault and other forms of men’s violence against women.
  • Expose college men to healthier, nonviolent models/ visions of manhood.
  • Build college men’s capacity to become peer leaders and allies with women.
  • Serve as a hub for social justice, activism, and non‐violence.

Who, When, and Where: 

MOST Chapter Meetings: The MOST Clubs around the country have historically been geared towards cis male identified people, but it is very important to note our Chapter welcomes and encourages and invites people of all genders and identities as is consistent with the ASUO Men’s Center Mission and Vision (see home page). Group meetings will be held on campus, every Thursday nights from 6:30 PM till 7:50 PM, starting January 7th, 2016. Throughout the 20 weeks, we hope to accomplish the MOST Club goals by facilitating the creation of a safe, inclusive, space where members can learn and grow together and feel empowered to create social change on issues relating to masculinity and sexual violence prevention . Reconstructing the culture of masculinity to one that is healthier and deconstructing a culture that perpetuates sexual violence is a huge endeavor, so we need to hit the ground running. So, we are asking you to share this blog post with the hope that most passionate individuals on our campus are aware of this group’s existence and can join. We need your help! 

Train-The-Trainer: 2 Day Training on How to Implement the Club on Our Campus:  On December 10th and 11th from 9:00 am to 5:00  pm three Trainers from the Men Can Stop Rape Headquarters in Washington DC will be here to provide a full two day training on how this year’s facilitators will successfully implement this initiative on our campus. We have 25 seats available for student leaders interested in getting involved and full time to attend the training to be resources to the MOST Club on campus.




-see the bottom of this post for how to register 

Commitment and Incentives: 

We are asking that folks who want to be part of the core membership commit to attending the meetings regularly. Members who complete the 15 of the 20 weeks of this year’s MOST Club curriculum will graduate with a certificate of completion of MOST Club Curriculum, and can be used as an item to put resumes and CV’s as an educational and leadership experience. In addition to meeting regularly, MOST Club core members will have the opportunity to initiate and facilitate campaigns to raise awareness about healthy masculinities and sexual violence prevention. If you are interested in registering for the MOST Chapter but cannot commit to attending regularly, then that is welcomed and encouraged. The MOST Chapter is always open to drop ins, so feel free to invite your friends!

A light meal of pizza and refreshments will be served at every meeting !

If you want to register, please email the MOST Club Facilitators at uomostclub@gmail.com with your name and number, and – if you are part of one – the campus group you are involved with. Let’s be the change necessary to help end sexual violence and to end violent masculinity.

This Year’s MOST Club Facilitators:

  • Everardo Pantoja-Tafolla, ASUO Men’s Center, Project’s Coordinator
  • Sofia Mackey, Director, University of Oregon Organization Against Sexual Assault
  • Kyle Holmberg, Student Leader and Fraternity Member, Phi Gamma Delta
  • Aaron Porter, Director, ASUO Men’s Center