A.J. Fierro-Stephens (He/Him/His)

Assistant Director 

Major: Planning, Public Policy, and Management


” I work at the Men’s Center because I believe that you have to become the change you wish to see within the world, and reconstructing masculinity in a way that is less toxic and more healthy is a small but important start” 


Everardo Pantoja-Tafolla (He/Him/His)

Projects Coordinator 

Major: Political Science


“I work at the Men’s Center because I want to contribute my experiences and ideas to the mission and vision of the center in order to help folks lead healthy lives and to end social forms of oppression” 


Aaron Porter (He/Him/His)


Major: Couples and Family Therapy


” I work at the ASUO Men’s Center because I’m passionate about doing all that I can to create spaces and initiatives that aim to reconstruct masculinity for the furthering of the goal of social justice”