Membership Spotlight!

A senior from Salem, Oregon, Austin Hauck is attaining his BS with a focus in marketing. Having been inspired by his first-grade teacher, Austin knew that one day he would be a Duck. After transferring from Chemeketa Community College at the start of his junior year, Austin finally found the fun and inviting atmosphere at the University of Oregon. Today, he speaks highly of the opportunities and resources that the UO provides, all the while proudly wearing green and yellow. Just like a true Oregonian, Austin loves to spend time enjoying the outdoors and relaxing down by the Willamette.

Austin has been an IBEC member since the winter of last year. After taking a Chinese culture class with our now vice president Maria Eagle, Austin decided to try it out. Today, he is one of our most devoted members who is always involved and helps when and where he can. Whether it be our site visits, meetings, or volunteer and fundraising events, we can always count on him to be there. His favorite memory with IBEC was last year’s site visit to San Francisco. Austin said that while it was a great bonding experience between him and other members, he loved the chance to explore a different metropolitan city with a diverse group of his peers. Austin appreciates the opportunities IBEC has allowed him to discover more about the professional world, as well the wide range of options he has in the future: “IBEC has opened my eyes to other companies, not just to Nike as my first choice.”
In the future Austin hope to one day utilize his skills learned at the University of Oregon to work within a marketing department at a Fortune 500 company. He wishes for other members as well as students of the UO to take chances and explore the clubs here on campus: “a club could or couldn’t be for you, but you would never find out if you never take that initial first step.”

Us at IBEC want to thank Austin for being such an amazing member and always going above and beyond to support our club. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and can’t wait to hear all about his wonderful future accomplishments!

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