Welcome Back Ducks!

Welcome back and happy winter term!

We are already two weeks in to the new term and we have already had a great start! Here’s a recap if you missed anything in the last week.

We had a tabling fundraiser! Last Friday we raised $70 toward our site visit trip coming up during week 8 of this term. Later that day we also had a small fundraiser a Yogurt Extreme and got know our members better.

We will also be having another fundraiser and volunteer opportunities for our members, so check in on all our social media to find out!



We are also very excited to announce that our site visit this term will be in…..


We will be visiting REI and Tableu and possibly a third company, but we will keep you posted. Make sure you are checking in for volunteer opportunities (you never know if it might help when applying for the site visit). We will be talking more about the site visit at our next meeting to answer any questions!


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