1st Year Oregon MBA's

Oregon does it different.

I never really expected to be a student again. When I walked across the stage at my college graduation in 2008, I was pretty sure it was the last time I would ever do that. With my shiny new degree firmly in hand, I transitioned seamlessly into my 9-to-(often-way-past)-5 job at an advertising agency in Chicago. I had the opportunity to work with passionate, smart, ambitious people who all loved what they did. Turns out, I was good at my job and I was rewarded for it. But after 7 years of marketing consumer-packaged goods, I found myself in a rut. I wasn’t inspired by the work I was doing, and the grind of agency life was starting to get to me. I was looking for something else, but I didn’t know what.

My introduction to the OMBA happened by chance. A visit to family friends in Phoenix one week in March 2015 turned into a meeting with a woman who was, at the time, about to graduate from the program. She spoke passionately about her time in Eugene, her experience with her cohort, and about the unique opportunity that the Warsaw Center offered her.  Something clicked into place for me that night. The realization that I could combine my passion for sports and my belief in the power of being a fan, with a strong business education and roll that all into a career that I could get excited about. How could I not jump at that opportunity?

But as any good strategist does, I approached my application process from multiple angles, exploring programs that offered similar-but-not-quite-the-same options to what we do here. I kept coming back to Oregon. “There’s something different about the MBA at Oregon,” my alumni friend said that night in March. She was right, and it was clear from the very beginning of the application process. The family-like attitude, the welcoming communication, the strong desire to really get to know me – the Oregon MBA just felt different than every other program I applied to. If I was going to leave my job and my life to dive head first into a full time program, I had to be damn sure I was moving forward. And my first visit to Eugene, my first day on campus, felt like stepping into a whole new world of possibility.

So here I am, eight years after that first graduation, settling back into the familiar role of student. I’m three weeks in, and I have to say – an MBA is a whole new level of “student-ing”. Our 52-person cohort (the largest the program has accepted to date) spent two full weeks in MBA GO! Eight whole days of teaming, talking, sharing, learning and building each other up. Every business school will introduce its new class to the case study method, teach them how to navigate the university’s calendar and remind everyone to utilize career services ASAP. But again, the OMBA proved that we do things differently. Sure we did all those expected things during orientation, but there was also a clear focus from the beginning on establishing communication and teamwork skills – skills industry leaders say they need more of from MBA graduates. There were whole sessions dedicated to self-care, to building trust among our teams, and to helping us identify strengths and build confidence in one another. At the end of it, I came out ready to tackle the challenge ahead of me in the next two years. But I also came out feeling like I have 52 new best friends that I can rely on to pick me up when I stumble, which I inevitably will. I have 52 new teammates that I want to see succeed as much as I want to succeed myself. And that’s the biggest part of the Oregon difference that I’ve seen so far.

We’re committed to excellence here, but to achieve excellence, we must all be the best version of ourselves. And that’s really why I’m here. Orientation started us down that path, and for me it crystalized what I was looking for all along – new challenges to push me into a better version of myself. And a team around me striving for the same thing.

Written by Laura Condella

Laura is a 2018 MBA with the Warsaw Center for Sports Marketing. She's a creative problem solver with over 8 years of experience helping a variety of brands from packaged goods to sports & entertainment organizations build their business through authentic connections with shoppers & fans. She's passionate about the power of sports in community building and the impact being a fan. Hockey fan, baseball lover, Chicago native.