2017 Honors Program Fall Site Visits

On the chilly morning of November 4, a group of ten honors students piled into carpools and headed south for the first site visit of the 2016-2017 academic year. The first stop was Cottage Grove, Oregon to visit Aprovecho, a non-profit organization with a mission of “living, learning, organizing, and educating to inspire a sustainable culture.” While there students toured the heart of the 40-acre grounds with the center’s permaculture program director and land steward, Abel Kloster. The group visited and learned about the meaning of the gardens, orchards, water catchment systems, homes, classrooms, and strawbale dormitory. Aprovecho hosts programs related to permaculture, building and design, green technologies, and community education. The visit was a fun experience for students to learn about non-profit business as well as witness the collaboration between business and community.

The second stop was Hop Valley Brewing, located near downtown Eugene. While touring the facility, students learned about the day-to-day operations of the entire brewing operation. The tour included weaving through giant tanks, hoses, and conveyor belts to experience the creation process from hop to bottle. Additionally, Hop Valley’s acquisition by MillerCoors was a point of interest that students asked questions about. Following the tour the group claimed a table in the tasting room and shared a large lunch while discussing the day’s events.

The day started on a cold, but beautiful mountain and ended in a cozy brewhouse. Students were exposed to a meaningful non-profit, learned about supply chain operations, and had the opportunity to engage with amazing local businesspeople and their peers. The honors site visits are not just about questions and tours—they’re about the people who make communities thrive and inspire everyone to succeed.

Joslyn Bryant is currently a sophomore double majoring in business administration and romance languages and minoring in food studies. She studied abroad her freshman year in Italy, and plans to study abroad again this summer in Greece in a food studies program. Bryant will graduate in spring 2019.

Written by UO Business

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