University of Oregon CCFSA Profile – Annelise Moss

Annelise Moss is an MBA student working toward her certified financial planner (CFP) certification here at the University of Oregon. Moss achieved her undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and is the only female finishing the finance track of the MBA program this spring. Here is what she has to say about her experiences in finance at the UO.

Can you give me a short description of who you are?
Annelise Moss: Born in Scottsdale, Arizona, my family moved to the Portland area when I was two. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Oregon and I love it here. From an early age, I have loved to dance. Throughout the years I did ballet, jazz, and hip-hop, and I joined a traveling ballroom dance company as an undergrad. I also competed in Latin-style dance with my dance partner. I’ve always thought of myself as creative and found my analytical side close to the end of undergrad. I worked in advertising for a short time and quickly realized it was not the career for me. After doing some job shadowing I found a passion for the investment business. Although I was a business major in undergrad, I took very few finance classes and came back to school to expand my knowledge.

What are your future goals in terms of business?
AM: Ultimately, I would like to have own business. I was an entrepreneurship major in undergrad and have always liked the idea of calling my own shots. People have always intrigued me. In the near future I see myself in more of a business development type role. Learning about people’s motives and how to best support their needs is a passion of mine. I am currently working on my CFP (certified financial planner) certification and would like to start my career with financial planning where I can support clients’ needs.

You’re an MBA currently pursuing your CFP – can you talk a little bit more about that experience? Difficulties? What you enjoy?
AM: It has definitely been a challenge to be an accelerated finance student in addition to working on my CFP education. Luckily, the CFP board gave me some credit for the MBA curriculum but keeping balance in my life has been difficult. With that being said, if I could go back I wouldn’t change my decision. I knew I wanted to stay in Oregon, so expanding my network here is invaluable, and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve learned in the CFP education program. Some may find estate and retirement planning dull but I really enjoy the thought of being able to help someone plan for a happy retirement and smooth transition.

What resources did/do you use at UO or the Lundquist College of Business that you would recommend current students take advantage of?
AM: The network here at UO is amazing. Ducks are truly dedicated people. As a finance student I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the Emerging Market Fund, which is a student-led investment fund. It’s been a great experience to come into the program with no idea how to value a company and leaving with the Emerging Market Fund owning two of my stock pitches. I would strongly recommend incoming students take advantage of the guest speakers the program brings in. I know it can be difficult to balance school and work, and it’s hard to give up a couple evenings a month, but it’s worth it. We’ve had a wide variety of speakers including private equity, consulting, wealth managers, and many more.

What are the most important pieces of information you’ve learned from your various internships?
AM: I had a fantastic internship last summer. I worked at Becker Capital Management in downtown Portland with their high net-worth team. I had the opportunity to learn most aspects of the business, including the investment team, trading, and client service. My major project for the summer was to become an expert, plan a lunch, and learn about Social Security. At the end of my internship I presented to a group of high net-worth clients, and I couldn’t speak highly enough about my experience. The team at Becker is outstanding; I had a wonderful mentor who took great interest in my development. My internship was definitely a highlight of my graduate school experience and I am so appreciative of it.

How has the Lundquist College of Business shaped who you are as a person?
AM: Coming into grad school, I felt strongly about who I was as a person. I still feel strongly that I am leaving the same person, but the Lundquist College of Business has given me the tools I need to successfully start the career I wish to have. Who I am as a future investment professional has developed greatly because of the professors here at the college. I’ve had some great professors, including Brandon Julio, Steve McKeon, and Michael Crooke, who have all shaped my experience here. Even though I have only been in for a year and a term, the Lundquist College of Business has made a major impact on my life forever. I would also like to encourage other females to spend some time in the finance world, and be open to finding out if it’s something they are interested in. I strongly recommend any female who thinks they might have an interest in finance to go for it!

Written by UO Business

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