University of Oregon CCFSA Profile – Anika Hedstrom

Anika Hedstrom is a Lundquist College of Business MBA alumna and current financial planner at Vista Capital Partners. Vista Capital Partners will be visiting the Lundquist College of Business in April and May to engage with students and give insight into starting a career in wealth management. Hedstrom brings extensive knowledge on the financial planning industry and provides a unique perspective as a Lundquist College alumna. I had the opportunity to ask Hedstrom a few questions in advance of her visit.

  1. Can you give me a brief overview of your role as a financial planner at Vista Capital Partners?

As the in-house expert on financial planning issues, I make recommendations to lead advisors, portfolio managers, and our diverse array of approximately 400 clients. I perform research and analysis, serve as the specialist for our financial planning tools, and write the wealth management section for Vista’s quarterly newsletter.

  1. What would you say is your guiding principle in terms of making financial decisions?

Above all, I strive to take an evidence-based, unemotional approach to financial decisions.  I am annoyingly thorough and methodical because I strongly believe in investing for the long term.

  1. What resources did you use at the UO or in the Lundquist College of Business that you would recommend current MBA students take advantage of?

I highly recommend the Engaging Asia study tour. The chance to learn first hand from prominent experts, combined with an incredible opportunity to travel internationally, is invaluable. I would also encourage MBA students to apply for the Technology Entrepreneurship Program Fellowship, which provides tremendous experience, exclusive exposure, and a great introduction for interdisciplinary teamwork.

  1. How have you seen the role of women in the financial planning industry evolve since you began your career?

The statistics are still somber—only 23 percent of professionals holding a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation are female, and this figure has remained stagnant for the past decade. Leaders such as Sally Krawcheck continue to traverse through these barriers, demonstrating the importance of seeing women not as a niche, but for what we are: educated and informed. More encouraging, is what studies and evidence show: women can be, and are, incredible financial planners.  At Vista, we are the exception. Five out of seven CFP’s are women.

Women bring a diversity of thought and perspective to clients and firms, help to foster more creativity, and enhance profitability. The more women are exposed to financial planning—which I believe is synonymous with making a difference in peoples lives—the more women will be driven to pursue the profession.

  1. Can you give me a brief description of what students can expect from Vista Capital Partner’s upcoming visits to campus?

Vista is committed to developing a long-term relationship with the Lundquist College of Business and the Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis. We will provide students insight into a day in the life of our CEO and CIO, provide perspective on starting a career in wealth management, share personal experiences, and discuss current events/issues facing our industry. Perhaps more importantly, it is an opportunity for the audience to challenge our leaders by asking tough questions and ultimately controlling the direction of the discussion.

Be sure to connect with Vista Capital Partners representatives during their campus visits April 14 at 4:00 p.m. (location TBD) and May 11 at 6:00 p.m. to meet with the UO Financial Management Association in Lillis 232.

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