Student Internship Spotlight: Kevin Loder

Name: Kevin Loder
Year: Senior
Major: Journalism Major – Public Relations
Internship: Gilman Scholar Internship with Rio EnCantos Tours in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Internship Dates: July-October 2015

Kevin Loder is a senior public relations student at the University of Oregon. He was awarded a Gilman International scholarship to complete an internship with Rio EnCantos, a tour agency, this past summer. After graduation, his career aspiration is to work in a leadership position in higher education. He currently serves as the Chapter President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and as Club President of the UO Social Media Club.

What was the structure of your internship

I met with my supervisor, Kelly Tavares, the owner of Rio EnCantos Tours, around 15-20 hours a week. On my own time I would research, monitor social media, work on presentations, etc. I also got to take pictures on tours and help create a new one for the Olympics. I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for 10 weeks and earned 12 credits.

What are the steps you took to get your internship?

I was excited when I found this internship and that the supervisor, Kelly Tavares, is a UO graduate. I found the internship through IE3 Global. I met with a representative on campus to make plans to go. I decided because it was an unpaid internship that I would only go during the summer if I was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Not only did I receive this scholarship, but also one from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars honor society.

Describe your internship role and responsibilities.

I was a marketing and public relations intern. All of my projects involved communication both online and in person. The three major tasks that I accomplished were social media management with Hootsuite, coordinated an article with The Rio Times, and created a presentation tour for students at the 2016 Rio Olympic venues.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

Rio is all about the view, and every day I was amazed by the new things that I saw. It is incredible to experience a culture so far away from home. This was the biggest adventure of my life and I loved it.

What was challenging about your internship?

Learning new software and programs. I learned how to use Hootsuite Pro, Mail Chimp, Microsoft Sway, Google Analytics and AdWords. I watched tutorial videos on These are valuable tools that I apply in my classes and internship.

Why would you recommend your internship to other students?

There are three reasons I would recommend this internship. First, it is abroad. I am the first in my family to go abroad, and I found that to be a valuable experience in adopting a global citizen mindset. Secondly, this opportunity gave me an experience working for a startup and small company. I found I was allowed more flexibility in my creativity to find solutions. The third reason is all the wonderful support I had, from UO, IE3 Global, the Gilman Scholarship Program, and my supervisor Kelly Tavares.

What were the stragies you used to get and prepare for the internship?

I encourage students to do an internship after they have completed some classes in their major. I felt prepared to contribute valuable work, and also prepared to learned new skills. Don’t wait to plan; I set goals for this internship two years in advance.

This Student Spotlight blog post was conducted as a Q&A written interview with Kevin Loder.

Written by Karina Padilla

Karina is a senior from Oregon pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration in General Business. She plans to purse a career working in the banking industry.