Lights, Camera, Quacktion

This past spring, I had the fun opportunity to be the Oregon IMG_3495MBA “talent” (that’s film lingo, I learned, for actor or actress) in the pilot episode of a web series called Ducks in the Wild for the Oregon MBA Program with alum Guru Khalsa, the Environmental Corporate Responsibility Manager at Columbia Sportswear. To produce a seven-minute video, Guru and I logged over 20 hours of screen time in downtown Portland, at Columbia Sportswear’s headquarters in Beaverton, and in Eugene. The experience was exhausting but highly entertaining. I really hoped the production company would release a blooper reel, but since that doesn’t look promising, I thought I’d share some insider secrets from the set of the webinar.

When you watch the video, one of the first questions you’ll have within the first few minutes is: did Katie bike from Portland to Eugene? I may be athletic, but I’m not that intense. The filming of the opening segment at my Biking UO campus Eugeneapartment in Eugene didn’t actually take place until two weeks after Guru and I wrapped in Portland!

To get the shot of Guru and I biking side by side down the streets of Portland, we had to ride at about 2 MPH behind a small SUV while the cinematographer practically hung out of the back of the moving vehicle. We rode up and down the same straightaway at least 15 times! No wonder Guru reminded me to bring my helmet.

We had to shoot the scene of Guru and I walking into Columbia over 10 times because we kept running into each other, forgetting to stop on our marks, blocking each out from camera view, and forgetting what we were supposed to say!Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 6.50.10 PM

And yes, I have seen potatoes before. That was one scene I hoped would be in the blooper reel but not the final cut!

I had an absolute blast filming this episode, and also made a wonderful professional connection with Guru. Being one of the Oregon MBA “talents” for the Ducks in the Wild video series, will likely remain one of the highlights of business school.

Check out the full Ducks in the Wild Episode #1 

Written by Katie Clark

Katie is a second year MBA student in the Center for Sustainable Business Practices. Over the summer, Katie worked for Happy Family Brands as the Corporate Social Responsibility Intern, where she managed multiple supply chain projects and provided employee education on topics in sustainability. She hopes to bring this experience and her MBA coursework to a strategic sustainability position in a mission-driven company in the outdoor product or natural foods industry.