Honors Ropes Challenge

On October 3, 2015, the newest Business Honors Program cohort participated in the annual Challenge Ropes Course. The ropes course trip was a team-building exercise in which the 34 incoming honors students got to know each other by using their combined mental and physical strengths to complete a series of feats.

“While at first I was a little nervous, once we got started I realized that this was a group filled with individuals who were very similar to me and that the situations that we were about to be put in were ones that we would get through together,” said Aleck Watters ’17. Watters, a junior studying accounting and economics with a minor in computer information technology, will join PwC in their Portland office as a risk assurance intern in the summer of 2017.

The Challenge Ropes Course starts the honors students’ experience off on the right foot. The majority of the challenge is mental. Participants have to be willing to face the obstacles head on. Many of the obstacles have a height factor, which can be intimidating. Additionally, members must quickly build trust with their group. The Honors Program continues to mandate the lower cohort participate in this amazing event, not only because it challenges them mentally, but because it lays the foundation for leadership and team building—skills the program helps foster and which will serve students well in their careers.

Written by UO Business

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