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Honors Program Ninkasi Site Visit

Ninkasi was the first site visit I attended with the Honors Program. I did not know what to expect or how it would connect with my own experiences. I was apprehensive because of my lack of knowledge around beer and the brewing industry but I still found the visit extremely interesting and felt that I learned a lot.

We met with staff members from different areas of the company and toured their new brewing facilities. We covered topics from their financial structure to the cool projects they were working on, such as new flavors and launching yeast into space. They told us that the reason they included a rock climbing wall and a rooftop bar in their headquarters was because it created the culture they were trying to foster.

As a student pursuing a marketing concentration, the most interesting thing to me was discussing how they decided on which areas of the state and country they would distribute to. They are growing very quickly but they are very selective about where they distribute because they want to make sure that the product is moving quickly and customers are getting it relatively fresh. This can pose a challenge for them in smaller markets and showed a direct application of some of the principles I was learning in class.

What made this opportunity and experience even better was the fact that I got to share it with many of my closest friends. Walking around Ninkasi, learning about how they are growing and developing, along with the great conversation and questions of my peers, made this site visit fun and memorable. I would encourage all those who have to chance to attend site visits in the future to do so and to make the most of every opportunity being in honors affords us.

—Rebecca Kistler ’15

RebeccaKistlerNinkasiBio: Rebecca Kistler is currently studying business administration and psychology and will graduate in the fall of 2015. Her dream career is to work on the marketing and advertising of headline tours with Live Nation and a fun fact about her is that she was a camp counselor for five years.

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