Career Readiness for International Students

Career Readiness for International Students – Yusuke Ohno

Recently launched by Lundquist College Career Services, the International Student Career Empowerment (ISCE) initiative provides international prebusiness majors with a structured approach to gaining practical work experience and expanding their professional networks. The Career Readiness for International Students event was a one-day intensive workshop put on by the ISCE that taught students everything from writing effective resumes and cover letters to networking strategies. Business alumni also virtually visited the current students to share their own experience with transitioning from being an international student at the UO to working for a company in the United States.

Below, Yusuke Ohno shares her experience from the Career Readiness event.

What was your favorite part about the Career Readiness event? 

My favorite part was the online discussion with former international students from UO who currently work in the United States. They gave us some tips on getting a job in the United States after graduation.

What was the most useful thing you learned during the Career Readiness event?

The most useful thing I learned was how I should spend my time in college. In the virtual discussion panel, past international students gave us advice that on what American employers want to see in international students. They talked about how we “fit,” meaning we must learn and adopt the U.S. business style. Studying hard is not enough to get a job in the United States. International students have to prove to companies that they can do the same work as local students. Generally, international students focus only on studying, but if I want to get job in the United States, studying and getting a high GPA is not enough. Employers want to see international students get outside of the classroom, join clubs, participate in different kinds of student organizations, and learn about the U.S. culture.

What were you most surprised to learn?

I was surprised to learn how important having a mentor is if you want to get a job in the United States. I didn’t realize that I should have a mentor. But I learned mentors have business connections within the industry that students are interested in and can open up career opportunities.


—Yusuke Ohno ’17

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Major: Journalism
Minor: Business administration
Campus involvement: Warsaw Sports Business Club
Dream career: Sports agent or sport event promoter

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