A Day at the Diversity Career Symposium

The Diversity Career Symposium was amazing. It was a definite improvement from last year’s event. Not to say that last year’s event was bad, but this year’s event was great.

I decided to attend the event this year because I was looking forward to connecting and building my network with potential employers and also spending time outside of the classroom with the rest of my CEO Network peers.

I was able to hear a wide variety of speakers throughout the day, whether it was in the form of a keynote speaker, workshop, or panel. My favorite part of the day, hands down, had to be listening to the speakers on the panels. All the speakers had vast amounts of knowledge and their stories were definitely relatable to everything that is happening in my life.

What I took away most from hearing all the speakers throughout the day was to embrace who I am as an individual because the work place thrives off diversity and to never give up pursuing your dreams.

After one of the panels I was able to speak individually with one of the panel speakers—E. Scott Morris, a designer for Under Armour—for a solid 20 minutes and his story was definitely captivating and quite interesting. We talked about what he does for a living and his transition from being in the Marines to becoming a footwear designer. His talk with me really inspired me to continue pursuing my second major in product design.

This is may sound strange but I think the most surprising part of the day was the food. I feel as if we were fed like royalty and it was great.

All in all, I met many great people that are doing great things in their work environments and absorbed as much information as I could. This event was truly spectacular and I definitely look forward to attending next year. For those students who missed out this year, I strongly recommend that you go next year. Exposure can’t hurt, especially if every employer at the symposium is there looking for you.

—Alonso Zorrilla ’17

Alonso ZorrilaOriginally born in Peru, I am a proud blend of Peruvian, Chinese, and Japanese. My family and I left Peru when I was four so that I could receive a better education in the States and my current hometown is Irvine, California. I expect to graduate in the year of 2017 as a double major in business administration (concentration in marketing) and product design. On campus I am currently involved with the CEO Network and Warsaw Sports Business Club and would love to get involved with Pit Crew this year as well. My dream job would be to work for an NFL Franchise like the Seattle Seahawks or be a director of advertising and marketing at a company like Nike or Wieden+Kennedy.

Written by UO Business

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