N7 Youth Movement Expands

“In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the seventh generation.”

The statement above stems from Native American wisdom and is the inspiration behind the Nike N7 collection.

For those that have not heard about the Nike N7-partnered event run through the Warsaw Sports Business Club at the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business, read up.

Very exciting things are happening with a vision started only three years ago by Jesse Schwarz, former Duck and Warsaw Sports Business Club executive. The UO-Nike N7 Youth Movement is heading into its fourth year—with a larger staff whose hours of hard work will cumulate in a field day event held for Native American and at-risk youth to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community through sport and rich Native culture.

This past term has been a blast for the Youth Movement staff because the event has started gaining some real traction within the Oregon community. Throughout the first three years of the event, the essence and direction was still taking form. But this year, the vision is clear and by leveraging countless social media platforms, the movement is spreading like never before.

The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have committed to the Youth Movement vision and will be pioneering their own events for years to come. The University of Oklahoma is going into their second year of hosting a field day and Oklahoma State University will be hosting their event for the first time.

The UO staff recently held our official visit at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. During our time there, we were fortunate enough to present to Sam McCracken, the visionary and chairman behind Nike N7, about the future of the event. Later, we toured the Nike campus with Schwarz, who is now a digital producer at Nike, and ended the day by picking up some N7 gear from the employee store.

This year’s field day will take place on April 17 at the Moshofsky Center on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene. This venue will give participants the opportunity to spend time on a real college campus, which can make a lasting impact going forward.

There will be countless hours of new projects worked on in the next couple months leading up to the event. The staff is excited. The schools and organizations involved are excited. And Native Americans everywhere can be excited because this is truly a movement to be proud of.

“When one generation realizes its potential, future generations are much stronger for it”

—Mitch Feingold ’17

mitch-feingoldMitch Feingold is a business administration major who is minoring in Spanish. He is also a member of the Warsaw Sports Business Club.






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