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It is a market unlike any other. It is famed and fabled. New York, New York.

New York Lens

Our cohort of business minded individuals, that after traveling around the world together and many late nights in the Lillis Business Complex, I now call my friends, just returned home from our last trip. We have walked the hills of San Francisco, the streets of Mumbai, the high speed trains of China and survived the muggy commute in Singapore. With all of the miles under our belt, there was simply no better place to end our world travels as MBA’s than in the city that defines american business, New York.

It was a capstone to our travels but a beginning to our “re”-entry into the professional world. For many of us the New York marketplace was just as foreign as the Singaporean market. It was unique, established and aggressive. The biggest challenge wasn’t fear of competition or unforeseen threats but rather the challenge of growth.

It’s unique to walk into businesses that have different functions, products, consumer uses and experiences and have all of them repeat the same notion, “not selling is never an issue.” It was reiterated time and time again that in the New York City Market, selling out wasn’t a goal it was an expectation. From nonprofits to the Major leagues, every business identified their greatest asset was that, they were in the “best” market in the world. This seems haughty when comparing to the boom of Silicon Valley or the emergence in popularity of the Pacific Northwest, but for anyone who has been or is from New York, you have experienced this ethos, that New York is to some, quite literally, the center of the universe.


Radio City Music Hall

As a student of business and a professional that will be relaunching my career, learning and familiarizing myself with unique markets is invaluable. Although New York stands for American business it is safe to say that it is not representative of the challenges that other markets face. It recalls the infamous Mad Men episode in which the New York ad executives spend time with a major client in southern CA. Although our country is unified around the same language, government and founding values, the business environments are just as foreign as traveling to southeast Asia.

While I suggest the uniqueness and power of the New York market, I still believe it to be the perfect representative of American enterprise. Mixed and challenged but strong, resilient and confident. Start spreading the news…I want to be a part of it, New York.

Written by Lauren Stornetta

2nd year Warsaw Sports Marketing MBA. Building a career in strategic planning with a passion for creative business development.