Career Services’ Newest Advisor Provides Career Coaching for International Students

Xiaoying Chen ’14 hails from Guangzhou, China. On the day she departed for Eugene and said goodbye to her parents at the airport, she realized she was going to be on a unique journey. One where she would not only learn how to embrace huge lifestyle changes, but one in which she would also discover who she would become in a new culture.

What does your job with Lundquist Career Services entail?

I serve as an International Career Advisor with Lundquist Career Services. As the international student population with the Lundquist College of Business has been largely increasing, I am providing career advising and programming for international undergraduate students as well as facilitating workshops. I am also the director of the International Student Career Empowerment (ISCE) initiative, which is dedicated to help pre-business international students with their early career development.

How did you find out about this opportunity?

I actually found this position through Jane Evarian, director of Lundquist College Career Services. I talked to Jane about my passion for student career development and my work experiences in the field. I also had some awesome supervisors in the past who could and were willing to speak of my work ethic and ability. Jane and her team know how much I have invested into career education, so they selected me to head up this new unit.

Can you talk a bit about your Lundquist experience?  How and why did you decide to pursue a degree in business?

I used to work at the Lundquist Career Services as a Career Ambassador for two years when I was an undergraduate. It was a wonderful work experience for me as the work culture has been very inclusive and nurturing. I was able to develop my customer service and interpersonal skills and observe or sometimes even engage in some career development “behind-the-scenes” strategy sessions.

I was also a club leader with the UO Human Resources Association, a student-run organization with the Lundquist College of Business. This experience was very important for my leadership development because it helped me learn about, not just the HR culture in the U.S., but also the ways I could also work with domestic students in a leadership team.

Do you have advice for international students about to embark on their job searches?

My first and biggest piece of advice I can give for international students is to start your career preparation sooner in your college years! If you want to gain a competitive edge in today’s job market, do your homework ahead of time. You can start to develop transferable skills and build up your resume by being actively engaged in student club activities or via on campus student employment. Talk to a career advisor and learn about how to make your job search efficient. The Resource Library in DuckConnect can also be a very helpful research resource.

Job seeking is essentially about relationship management. We have job search and networking workshops designed specifically for international students throughout the year. By conducting informational interviews with alumni and potential employers, you will expanding your network, obtain practical advice and increase your chance of success.

If students want to talk with you about your experiences and make an appointment how can they contact you? 

If students are enrolled at Lundquist, they can make an appointment with me through DuckConnect.  Or feel free to contact me via email at

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about your new position with Career Services or what international students can do to make their time at the UO/Lundquist a good experience?

As an international student in the U.S., gaining practical experience and expanding our professional networks are the keys to enhancing your future career and employability skills, no matter if you choose to go back home or stay in the U.S. after you graduate. So do not just sit in a classroom and listen, go out and be engaged on campus! Find out what you like or what you are good at by being an active club member or leader or a dedicated student worker or volunteer.

Written by UO Business

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