Job Shadow Day at Intel

Pre-business student Dan Rucker spent his Job Shadow day exploring the world of corporate finance at Intel.

How did you prepare for the job shadow day?
I went over questions to ask them as well as questions I needed to be ready to respond to.

What did you do during your day at the company?
I got to listen in on a few conference calls and see what my job shadow sponsor worked on during an average day. I also had one-on-ones with many of her coworkers to ask questions about their experiences and job functions

What was the most memorable part of the day?
The last conference call that I was able to sit in on.  I finally started to understand some of their terminology of the business and followed what was going on and got excited because I could see myself doing something very similar someday.

What surprised you about the day?
I was surprised with how much of the job included discussions with other people. As for the entire experience I was surprised about how relaxed it was and how everyone was willing to talk about their job.

How do you think participation in the Job Shadow Program will benefit your career?
It was an amazing opportunity to help me determine if I wanted to go into corporate finance and (hopefully) gave me an advantage in applying to an internship when I am junior.

What would you tell someone else who was thinking about participating in the program?
I would tell them to have lots of questions prepared and always be confident and professional.  They were really willing to answer any question and just wanted to help me.  Just stay calm and try to avoid awkward silence by having conversations in professional and a more personal aspect.


Written by UO Business

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