My Day with the Portland Timbers & Thorns

Accounting major Tyler Kucera spent the day shadowing the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns soccer teams.

How did you prepare for the job shadow day?
I prepared for the day by researching what kind of culture and business practices surround a sports franchise, and I used that to generate questions in my head that I thought would be appropriate for those who I worked with on my job shadow day.

What did you do during your day at the company?
We first were given an introduction presentation of the franchise as a whole by the VP of Finance and one of their interns. We then got a tour of the Providence Park Stadium and their offices and departments. They set up a lunch for us after that, and during that lunch they brought in a panel of department heads to have a Q&A with, that was probably a good portion of our afternoon. The remaining time they assigned each of us to go to a department specific to our major/area of interest. I ended up in the finance office working with their Senior Accountant.

What was the most memorable part of the day?
The most memorable part of my day was the Q&A at lunch because they seemed to genuinely want to answer our questions, and they weren’t just there because someone told them they had to attend it. Also working with their Senior accountant was memorable to me because I wasn’t sure if my accounting course work would be easily applicable in the real world, but seeing the work that he did it gave me confidence that it was something I could do moving forward.

What surprised you about the day?
What surprised me what how laid back they were. I was expecting a growing franchise like the Timbers would be a hectic place, but they were all very laid back and relaxed. I thought this would be especially true since they are currently in season. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how willing the employees were to help us out and answer any questions we had.

How do you think participation in the Job Shadow Program will benefit your career?
It will benefit me because I think now I know what to expect of an accounting position as well as knowing what kind of environment I want to work in. The day went by so fast, it didn’t just drag on. That tells me that there was something good about working somewhere similar to them, so that is something I will pursue.

What would you tell someone else who was thinking about participating in the program?
I would tell them that they should do it. It was a great experience and it only takes one day out of your academic break. When you think of a job shadow you think of actual work, well the job shadow was actually a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much time but it can have a big impact on what career decisions you’re going to make down the road.

— Tyler Kucera

Written by UO Business

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