Diving into a day at bell+funk

Anna Seydel explored her interest in marketing by spending a day at Eugene-based boutique marketing agency bell+funk. Read on for the story of her day there.

During spring break of my sophomore year, I job shadowed at bell+funk. bell+funk is a small marketing agency located in the heart of downtown Eugene. To prepare for my job shadow, I researched the company and participated in the dress rehearsal put on by the Job Shadow Program. At the dress rehearsal, we discussed what we could do to gain the most from our experience. This included dressing correctly, giving a strong handshake, and asking the right questions.

During my job shadow, I had the opportunity to work on a marketing campaign for the Kiva in downtown Eugene. We walked to the store to learn more about their goals and target market. We then worked on creating advertisements that would be displayed on Facebook.

The most memorable part of my day was having the opportunity to talk to the entire team about their roles and how they decided to go into marketing. The conversation was extremely relaxed and it was easy to talk to all of the professionals about what they do and how they got there. What surprised me was the mix of majors among the team. Some had graduated in Business, as I expected, but others had graduated with degrees in Journalism, which was something I hadn’t considered.

By participating in the Job Shadow Program, I learned that I have a greater interest in making advertisements than I do in general marketing.  For this reason I’ve decided to explore my interest in advertising more within the University. Without the Job Shadow Program, I never would have realized this interest or have even considered working at a marketing or advertising agency as a career path.

It is for this reason that I would highly recommend the Job Shadow Program to anyone who has the opportunity to participate. Even if you think that you know exactly what you want to do, this is one of the few opportunities available to experience a job for a day. This program gives you the opportunity to receive an inside look at your field of interest and the chance to learn from professionals within the business world. There are a wide variety of fields and companies available to job shadow with, so there really is something for everyone.

—Anna Seydel

Written by UO Business

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