Resumes are Dead

Last night some MBA’s and even one brave undergraduate student had the opportunity to listen from two recruiters about what we, as students, can expect in the current job market. Our first presenter was Trevor Betenson, CFO and HR specialist at Palo Alto Software. Palo Alto creates software to help new companies create a business plan, apply for small loans, and other activities a start up faces. This software is very helpful for the 500,000 new companies that form each month because many fail as a result of the lack of a strong plan. When hiring for a smaller company like Palo Alto, Trevor stressed the importance of wearing many hats and a willingness to take on additional projects to exhibit an employee’s competency.


The second presenter, Brandt Hartley, a Duck and Managing Director of Resource Options International was a little more blunt. He hammered home the unfortunate statistics of resumes and the importance of LinkedIn. The website is now the first place, as a recruiter, he looks for clients and potential employees. A common theme between both Mr. Betenson and Mr. Hartley was the benefit of starting in an organization, no matter the position, and exhibiting competency and a work ethic to get ahead.


The main points made by the two presenters are not ones we have not heard, however, most of the time we students are hearing these points from our career advisers. It was a validating process to hear the same points from people in the field who are recruiting students like us.

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Paul Butler is a concurrent JD/MBA student at the University of Oregon currently in the Finance and Securities Analysis Center. His goal after he graduates in 2016 is to apply his education within a corporate finance department.