MBA Trip to Mt. Pisgah

The MBA trip to the arboretum at Mt. Pisgah was the best part of Prologue.  It was my first time at an arboretum, and it was completely different from what I expected. Rather than the sprawling tree farm that I envisioned, Mt. Pisgah was a natural sanctuary with more than 150 varieties of trees. It was simply stunning.

We arrived midday, got a briefing from the staff,  and went straight to work.  My classmates and I spent the afternoon digging post holes and trenches, laying gravel trails, and removing man-made debris like concrete and fencing. In just a few hours we transformed a small section of the park for the local community to enjoy and get hands-on with nature. It’s amazing what a large group of people with a common purpose can accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Seeing immediate, tangible results and giving back to the community were great rewards, but the best part of the afternoon was getting to know my classmates and career advisers. Through it all, I didn’t hear a single complaint.  The sweat and laughter brought us closer together, and I am thrilled to have such a wonderful group of people in my cohort.

Written by Andrew Green

Andrew comes to the University of Oregon from Orlando, Florida where he completed his undergraduate studies in finance and sports management at the University of Central Florida. He is a graduate student in the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center in the Lundquist College of Business.