From Orlando to Eugene–a Journey to the Oregon MBA

Waking up in Eugene for the first time was surreal.   Not long ago, attending the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the Oregon MBA seemed impossible.  After a three-year stint in culinary arts, I returned to school and completed an undergraduate degree in finance and sports management.  My experiences in the DeVos program at the University of Central Florida taught me how rewarding working in sport could be, but I needed more education to differentiate myself from the hoard of eager candidates in the industry. After extensive research on sport business programs, the Warsaw Center was at the top of my list.  When I received my GMAT results, I realized there was a possibility that I could get in.  I submitted an application and booked a flight to Eugene to meet the faculty and administration.  I returned to Florida both anxious and hopeful, and on a sunny afternoon in March, I received some of the most exciting news of my life: accepted.
Despite my joy and confidence in the program, my family was skeptical.  Why would you go to a small town in Oregon to study sport business?  Why not go to New York? LA? Or just about ANYWHERE other than Eugene??  It took a fifteen-page report and some major persuasion, but after a few weeks they gave me their blessing, and it was official: in just a few months, I would be a Duck!
Time flew by, and two weeks ago I sold everything that wouldn’t fit in the car, put my dogs in the back seat, and began a trip westward from my home in Orlando.  Yes, I drove to Eugene from Florida–each of the 3,049 miles in a thirteen-year-old car with the help of two furry friends and several gallons of coffee.
The journey was simply incredible: driving from the swamps of Florida into the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee; through the fields of Nebraska where Jesus is Lord and corn is king; across dusty Wyoming highways; around the Rocky Mountains; and into the Great Basin deserts.  Finally, on the fifth day, I reached the Cascades and was greeted by a breathtaking sunset.  It felt like coming home.
I can only imagine what the next two years will bring.  Something tells me it will be a lot like my cross-country trip with mountains, valleys, and all sorts of new sights and experiences.  I still haven’t quite accepted that this dream come true is my reality, but I’m ready to begin!
.  Orlando, FL
 Chattanooga, TN
  Laramie, WY
 Bend, OR

Written by Andrew Green

Andrew comes to the University of Oregon from Orlando, Florida where he completed his undergraduate studies in finance and sports management at the University of Central Florida. He is a graduate student in the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center in the Lundquist College of Business.