What Does Your "O" Stand For?

What does your “O” stand for?

It’s a familiar story. Graduate from high school, go to college, get a degree, land your dream job. Pretty simple, right?

What they don’t tell you is how hard you have to work, outside the classroom, to promote your brand and ultimately put yourself in a position where you’re being considered for your dream job. At eighteen, I wasn’t ready for that and very few of my peers were, either. Unless you’re extremely lucky, it’s all on you. Even then, having done all the necessary steps, having made all the right moves, you were forced to settle with a less than desirable position. Corporate America won handily in round one.

Left in the wake of the 2008 market collapse and impending recession, many of us graduated our undergrad programs on top of the world–only to find that there was no demand for our services. The skills we spent so carefully cultivating went to waste during the endless job hunt or were left for dead while we accepted low-level positions.

Enter the University of Oregon’s MBA program, where my “O” stands for opportunity.

This is our fresh start; a rebirth of sorts. Gone are the days of counting down the minutes until the workday is over. Goodbye to simply showing up to work in order to collect a paycheck. Enter the new–and eventually improved–me.

We’ve got two years to take advantage of everything that the city of Eugene (and the Pacific Northwest), the University of Oregon and specifically the MBA program have to offer. Having tasted what it’s like to be less than enthused at work while still believing in ourselves, we’ve earned this unbelievable opportunity.

Our paths are not clear; we’re nowhere close to being handed a cookie cutter blueprint of how to succeed. What we do have, however, is a university that is ready and willing to help us take advantage of every opportunity available and use it to transform us into the best candidates possible.

And so, we’ll enter back into the ring for round two. Hopefully stronger candidates, more refined, and with a new sense of direction and skill set.

Watch out world, my “O” stands for Opportunity, and I don’t plan on wasting it.

Written by Collin Hoyer

Collin is a second year student in the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center (Class of 2015). He is looking to use his experiences working abroad in the NIKE business for the Ching Luh Group, Stanford University, DBI Beverage, and The Ronnie Lott IMPACT Foundation to begin a marketing career specializing in sports products. Collin did his undergraduate work at Chapman University and originates from Pleasanton, CA.