Welcome and Pre-Prologue Thoughts

Welcome! For the next two weeks I will be among a handful of new MBA students who will blog about our experiences as we officially, and finally, start the two-year journey in the Oregon MBA program with the MBA Prologue.  It seems as though it has taken forever for this day to arrive, but here I sit less than one day before we kick things off. Having already spent some time with a few students in my cohort, and if this last Saturday was an indicator of times to come, I am certain that this will be two of the best years of my life. Each person brings a unique perspective and skill that I can’t wait to learn from. Needless to say, I am excited to be a part of the best Sports Marketing program in the country!

Admittedly, I was nervous in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the start of Prologue and the first classes. What if I am not cut out for this? What if others are way ahead of me? All of my fears and questions were put to rest after spending the day with some amazing people–and all while the Ducks put an epic beat-down on the Tennessee Volunteers. I realized pretty quickly that we, the students, are mostly all in the same boat. We are all nervous, we all have questions, but now I see that we are all in this together. Thank you to those of you whom I spent the day with. You helped me relax and made me excited for what is to come.

I will wrap up my first entry by introducing myself. I am a native Oregonian who has lived all over the state. I grew up on the coast, studied and worked in Central Oregon, and obtained my undergraduate degree at Western Oregon in Monmouth. In between my stops in Oregon, I have also lived in the Bay Area and spent four months teaching English in South Korea. I have worked in restaurants, retail stores, and most recently in education where I taught PE and coached sports. Motivated by my father, my hero, I now find myself fulfilling a lifelong dream of attending the University of Oregon. I am seeking my MBA through the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, and doing so in Track Town, USA. Running in the footsteps of Pre and walking the same paths that Bill Bowerman once did is almost surreal. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

Now, the only left to do is figure out how to tie a tie….


Brad Pankey


Written by Brad Pankey

I am a native Oregonian who has spent time in the Bay Area teaching PE and South Korea teaching English. Pursuing an MBA in Sports Marketing is a dream come true as I grew up enamored with the University of Oregon culture. As runner growing up idolizing Steve Prefontaine and living and breathing running, I think I have found the perfect place for me to call home for few years.