Warsaw MBA’s Gain Consulting Experience with Nike

In the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, MBA students enjoy many opportunities to gain industry experience as student consultants for prominent sports properties. In this post, Aaron Klein (MBA ’14) recaps an opportunity to present digital merchandising research at Nike Inc.’s headquarters in Beaverton, OR. 

For our Marketing Sports Properties class project we worked with a Warsaw Alum, Merryn Roberts-Huntley, from FIXX Consulting on a project for Nike. Specifically, we worked with Nike’s Wholesale.com country teams to analyze the digital merchandising of their global accounts. We spent about three weeks on the project doing research in the digital merchandising arena and coming up with proposals for best practices and recommendations for the accounts. At the end of the three weeks, our group got the opportunity to present our findings to Nike.

As a follow up to our initial research, our group was tasked with researching consumer behavior as it relates to shopping on mobile devices. We spent another 2 weeks doing this research and again presented our findings to Nike’s Wholesale.com country teams. The experience was second to none.; researching a real problem and presenting our recommendations to a real client was an amazing experience. The most rewarding thing for me was to find out that our recommendations were actually being put to use and would be shared with Nike’s Wholesale.com accounts. Our group definitely took a lot away from this project, and added a nice piece to our resumes.

Written by Dan Hall

Dan is a member of Oregon MBA Class of 2014 concentrating his studies within the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center.