John Schaus from Metlife talking to students at U of O


Mr. Schaus visited the University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business on February 7th to provide insight and guidance to students interested in careers in finance and insurance.  His conversation with the students began by explaining his role within Metlife, and what Metlife provides to their clients.  Additionally, Mr. Schaus dug into problems facing the insurance industry, specifically those that affect clients close to retirement.  His examination of the problems facing recent retirees was particularly beneficial to students as they begin their transition from the classroom to the office, and start laying the foundation for their own retirement.  Mr. Schaus not only discussed the problems with social security which have strained recent retirees, but also other effects including increased life span, which has resulted in a longer time to stretch out retirement savings, and the recent collapse of the stock market, which has depleted a substantial amount of retirement savings.

John received his BS in Marketing and an MBA in finance at the University of Oregon.

Aside from the insurance industry, Mr. Schaus was available to offer career advice to students who are searching for internships and potential employment upon graduation.  As a contributor to the FSAC, Mr. Schaus was ready and willing to provide a look into what employers are looking for in candidates, and what students can do now to make themselves appealing to companies looking to hire recent graduates.  At the end of Mr. Schaus’ discussion, he set aside time for a question and answer segment where students were provided the opportunity to pick his brain for fifteen minutes before a joint dinner with Mr. Schaus, faculty, and students.  The University of Oregon and the FSAC are proud of the accomplishments Mr. Schaus has achieved in his career and are grateful that he is able to guide students at the U of O as they begin their career search.

 Ryan Strub, Finance and Securities Analysis Center, Class of 2014

Written by Mavis Yu

MBA Candidate 2013 University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business Finance and Securities Analysis Center Graduate Teaching Fellow – FSAC Facebook: 503-860-0726